Chola empire
  • Hi

    Was going through Wikipedia when I came across this.
    This is a list of the sizes of empires during various periods of
    history. You will see the Chola empire listed as 42nd in the all
    time list and as 11th in the maritime empire list.

    While the meaningfulness of such lists makes no sense to me atleast,
    its interesting to note the foot note.

    "8. ^ This estimate for the Chola Empire is derived from the
    combined area of the Srivijaya Empire, South India, East India,
    Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Southern Thailand, Bago Division of Burma,
    Lakshadweep, the Maldives, and the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. "

    Never know that Bangladesh, A&N are all part of Chola empire. Any
    proof for this?

    Muthu Prakash R
  • Dear Muthu
    The present day Bangladesh was part of Bengal under the Pala dynasty and RJC conquered it
  • My understanding is that RJC 'visited' Bengal and had the Pala king
    (think its Jayapala) subdued. But was Bengal part of his empire or
    even a tribute paying entity? Also Bangladesh today extends through
    the Ganges delta and reaches the north-east in its extremities. Is
    it the same extent of the Pala kingdom? Of course we have a west
    Bengal which may be actual extent of the pala kingdom?
  • Ouah!!! This is really amazing! this gives a different notion!

    OurCholaswere simply amazing people!!!

  • Hi
    mahipala the king of bengal during the times of rjc is given the
    credit by historians for re-establishing Pala authority over their
    original kingdom, except a portion of southern west Bengal,
    Mahipala held authority over southern Bihar (Magadha) and towards the
    close of his reign over northern Bihar.
    Mahipala I (c. 995 - 1043 C.E.) is considered the second founder of
    the Pala dynasty.Mahipala succeeded in recovering the lost fortune of
    the dynasty and in checking the forces of disintegration for the time
    being, but could not totally remove them. But his success gave the
    dynastic rule of the Palas a second lease on life.Scholars also
    ascribe to him conquests beyond Bihar on the basis of his Sarnath
    history of the palas during this period seems to have bloomed rather
    than faded.


    where Ranasura and Dharmapala ruled.--- In
    [email protected],
  • Hi All,

    Next week I will scan and put some pages from the book "The Scripts in and around India". I found this book in Madras University. (it was full of dust and spider net when i took it from the top of a shelf) :(

    I this book, the author describes about our Tamil Land. Wow! it was amazing!

    No rulers dare to enter our land since it was well protected by our Moovendhars!!

  • Dear Venkat
    Though Mahipala restored the Pla pride he was defeated and there rae incriptional evidence to that effect including links on clans emerging from the Tamils who stayed back in bengal without returning with the main forces.
  • ouah!!

    Yes!! I have read about this too!!

    So the Bengalis are our Tamils!!! (i have seen so many people who look similar to our Tamil ladies and even the people in general are not that fair - since they belong to our Dravidian group!)

    ha ha!!

  • >
    > So the Bengalis are our Tamils!!! (i have seen so many people who
    look similar to our Tamil ladies and even the people in general are
    not that fair - since they belong to our Dravidian group!)
    > ha ha!!
    > Shri

    hi shri

    Was there such a group!!! anyway who was the patta mahishi of (y)our
    beloved RRC - danti sakthi vitanki !

    then plunge into chola- chalukya clan....

    pallavas themselves are a clan whose origins are not clear. There
    are legends that a famous pallava ruler was infact brought in from
    cambodia ( as the current ruler had died without a heir ).....he
    inturn being the product of an earlier matrimonial alliance.

    well for that matter blue blood in their effort to remain pure blue
    has always sought out other bluer blood only......check out the
    references for Lord Mountbatten the last viceroy of India and check
    out his lineage for blue blood in him...he was related to almost
    every royal family in europe /russia.

    another interesting trivia for you - He was very much in love with
    his >>>>>>>>>....ok that you have to find out >>>>>>>>>>> and until
    the end of his own life he kept her photograph at his bedside.
  • Muthu,

    You dont have to go far to find out.. click on the rajendra chola link
    next to the chola empire listing... the url is:

    in that you see this map:


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