Regarding the PS group in Kalki
  • Dear Ravi,
           The Mudhal Yathirai of PS group was in February 2003. Being the Sub Editor of Kalki, I participated in the journey and on return the details of journey and about the PS Group was written by me in Kalki. The original script is with me now. If you want to read and enjoy about the happennings, I can send it.
  • Dear Sir, if you are still with Kalki, are there any thoughts/ideas about putting their old issues online - like Ambulimama archives? If they want to set up a fund for that I would be happy to contribute!!
    Thank you
  • Yes, now Vijaya Hospital. Many old stars of Vijaya (NTR, Savitri) bore remarkable resemblence to the Raja-Rani drawings in Ambulimama :))
  • Dear Ravi,
        I took VRS from service, came to native and settled. But I have constant contacts with kalki. I will ask Mrs.Seetha Ravi, the Editor about this and inform. ok?
  • Thank you sir, am not Ravi but that is ok, you answered my question. Hope you get some positive response from Mrs Seetha!! My aunt is related to Smt Gowri Ramanarayanan in Kalki family and I have seen her many times as a child.
  • Hi Malathi,

    It may be of interest to yo to know that some of us are interacting
    with Sri Ramanarayanan re matters related o Heritage preservation ..

    regards / sps

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