Hearty Greetings :: Aadipperukku
  • Anaivarukkum Aadipperukku nal vazhthukkal.
    Can we list out the festivals described in PS? Sri jayanthi is one festival elaborately described, when VT enters Pazhayarai in disguise. What are the other festivals described and whether they fit logically in the timeline of PS?
  • Aadi perukku greetings :) I still miss the 'kadamba saadams' my grand
    mom used to make and the picnic lunches to some place near the water,
    not always cauvery, she made it a point we went somewhere to remember
    the prosperous times of the past.

    Best Wishes to all,

  • Hearty Greetings...

    Aadipperukku ..

    request Silent members also to post their Greetings and celebrate
    wherever they are !!

    We are proud to be united here because of Ponniyinselvan and
    Vandhiyathevan - who crosses Veeranam during aadipeerukku !!

    recalling this always thrilling experience.. !!

    anbudan -

  • Hi all,

    Best wishes and hearty greetings on Aadipperukku

  • Dear all
    happy Adiperukku nalvazhthukkal...
    KR Sri

    To: [email protected]
  • Is anyone going from Adyar area to the PS meet?

    To: [email protected]
  • Dear all

    Happy Adi perukku

    Every day we the great fans of the epic think of it and the characters
    It will be special thinking tomorrow

    Am sure we will travel to the world of chola kingdom tomorrow

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  • Shri sps

    Though physically I will not be present my heart and soul willbe with you all in celebrating Aadiperukku. Hope to meet all in per person soon.

    s Gowrisankar
  • பொன்னியின் செல்வன் வாசகர்களுக்கு ஆடி 18-ஆம் பெருக்கு வாழ்த்துகள்.

    Sathis Kumar, Malaysia
  • Anaivarukkum aadiperukku nal vaazhthukkal.

    Pongum mangalam endrum/ engum thanguga.

    Happen to meet great people today at the meet organized by Sps sir in arusuvai plantain leaf, gn chetty road.

    Felt blessed to be part of psvp and know in person what others have been upto to re live history and preserve it. I can thank each and everyone for sharing their experience and their connections to history

    More on this later.

    Thx again

    Sri sri

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