Digitizing old editions
  • Recently I bought the archives of The NewYorker from their online
    store. This is the digitized version of all the NewYorker issues
    from 1925 - 2005 in about 8 DVDs. It cost about $80 (International
    shipping costs more than the cost of the DVDs). But I think its
    money well-spent. You can browse through about 4100 back issues
    spanning 80 years and when you flip through the digitized 1925
    inaugural edition carrying an ad for a eau-de-cologne its something
    to cherish. You can read more in my blog.
    But what I was trying to drive at is we know that Kalki, the
    magazine, should be having these back issues in microfilms or in
    crumbling storage and why cant we suggest a digitized version for
    sale or better, digitize and print for the future generations? Or is
    it something we can do using our own crumbling editions? Because
    since these are already about 60 years old, at some point, we may
    not be having the first edition at all..

    Muthu Prakash R
  • I am not sure I know the right people to suggest this
    too. Yes acid based paper does not out last 50 years
    even if preserved in best condition. We may have
    already lost a lot. If someone knows the right people
    at Kalki it may be a worthwhile suggestion to make.
  • Hi, very good.
    thanks and regards / sps

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