On Tamil Brahmi Script Part - 2 Early writing and Evolution of Tamil Brahmi script
  • > dear Vk,
    > Excellant detailed work. Just to make it clear - you are talking of
    > development of the script - we would also like to have similar on
    > language...meaning is you could also explain the diff between
    > and language....sanskrit, prakrit, tamil - etc. the languages as we
    > see today, when did they evolve - was their evolution parallely
    > occuring with the evolution of the script. In laymans terms - we
    > cannot read the tamil inscriptions of RRC - when using todays tamil
    > script, but when someone reads it out for us we can understand, as
    > the words aka language is the same
    > rgds
    > vj

    Dear VJ,

    In the coming weeks, we shall see a large scale difference in the
    inscribed texts and the Cankam poetry. The inscriptions are highly
    colloquial wheras the Cankam poetry itself is scholarly. We will
    examine comments of scholars on this!

    I can touch upon evolution of Sanskrit, Prakrit and Tamil itself. But
    the subject itself is so controversial and might trigger emotional
    arguments within the group. So is the dating and scholarly
    observations on the Neolithic-Chalcolithic Bronze Age-Iron Age
    Tamilnadu. I have avoided all contoversies and tried to put across
    the dates/information which makes common sense based on recent

    Over the next few weeks, readers of this series will be able to read
    Tamil-Brahmi inscriptions on their own! It can be extended to other
    scripts as well. This is something we wanted to do for our group.

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