Sack of Srirangam
  • There are extensive references to this in the 'Koil Olugu'.
    I remember reading Sujatha expressing doubts on the '12000' number
    for reasons I dont remember now.

    Koil Olugu also goes into detail on the travels of the urchavar (I
    believe called 'Azhagiya manavalar') during the 60 years of exile in
    Tirupati and other temples. There is also a theory that the idol
    brought back to Srirangam was a replica of the original and original
    one is still hidden in a temple unknown to others.

    You know, when I saw that still of Kamal with the idol of Azhagiya
    Manavalar in 'Dasavatharam', I took interest and when I heard that
    Kamal is also playing a 12th century vaishnavite in the movie, I
    realized and am pretty sure that it is the story of 'Azhagiya
    Manavalar's travels during the sack of Sri Rangam. Most probably,
    Sujatha put him upto it...

    I am all excited and waiting to see the movie..

    Muthu Prakash R
  • Hi
    I heard it was the govindarajar statue.
    since story is about terrorism and germ warfare i assumed kirumi
    kanda cholan is a part of it.

    ellaam kamalukkE velicham.

  • vanakkam,

    Malik Kafur's attack on Srirangam, the valiant attempt by the priests,
    the urchavar's journey, the idol being kept in Tirupathi and later in
    Melkote, Veera Ballala's attempt to revive Hinduism, his tragic ending
    in the Kannanur(Samayapuram) war, Kumara Kampanna's defeat of the
    muslims and finally the urchavar's return to Srirangam are all covered
    in the books 'Thiruvarangan Ula' and 'Madura Vijayam' by Sri
    Venugopalan(aka Pushpa Thangadurai).

    The novel says that when the temple finally re-opened there were two
    sets of idols brought to the temple and both are being worshipped.

    Even today one can find the Ranga Mandapam in Tirupathi. A notice board
    says that the Srirangam deity was housed there for sometime during the
    Muslim invasion.

  • All I could find was the urchavar was moved out. Will chk with Koil
    mm..interesting piece abt kirumi kanda Cholan.But then does it clash
    with the '12th century vaishnavite'? Thought Mr.Kirumi was in the
    10th century?
    But we are speculating here..anyway, should be an interesting one..

    Muthu Prakash R
  • Perfect... as usual. sps
  • -Hi
    some of the early leaks of the story indicated story starts in
    even today i met one of the actors who plays a role in the movie.
    he's so old that its going to be his last movie perhaps. i should
    have asked him.

  • Good to hear that..
    Anyway, checked with koin olugu and it is Azhagiya Manavalar.

    Muthu Prakash R

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