• Hi friends,

    Just wanted to share with you all that I will be relocating to India by
    mid-June, to Bangalore.
    It has been a long 14 years away from home and am really looking forward to
    it. Perhaps ,
    in future, I can actually participate in one of the different PS
    meets/trips, even if I can't
    contribute much!

    We will have a meet in Chennai in July.

    regards/ sps
  • A very wise decision. Good luck!
  • Thanks SPS sir and Humble..!
  • Hi Arun, safe journey home!! 14 years is a long time ( I turned 15
    this year). I grew up in Bangalore and my parents still live there.
    If you want to study change in India Bangalore is a good example, I
    wish I could say positive change but mostly not. Anyway don't mean
    to discourage you.

    Keep us posted and take care,

  • Dear Malathi,
    I'll be going to Bengaluru next January.
    I was there once before, briefly, in '03, visiting LalBagh the great
    Nandi, & having a delicious lunch. Could you tell me about the
    negative changesyou've noticed? I hear the air isn't clean any longer.
    Kathie B.
  • > Dear Malathi,
    > I'll be going to Bengaluru next January.
    > I was there once before, briefly, in '03, visiting LalBagh the great
    > Nandi, & having a delicious lunch. Could you tell me about the
    > negative changesyou've noticed? I hear the air isn't clean any longer.

    Negative changes in Bangaluru? Here you go,

    1. Pollution
    2. You could barely travel inside the city.
    3. Water scarcity
    And this is the one reason I have bangalore so much,
    4. awful food (in the hotels i mean)

    by any chance, did i scare you Katherine.
  • no Siva,
    almost unscare-able!
    I've been in Mumbai's ChurchGate Sta.
    at morning rush hour.
  • Oooh Kathie you got me started. I think Sivaram
    summarized it well. I grew up in Bangalore, lived
    there for several years before i came here 15 years
    ago. Even while I was growing up my father who was
    again a Bangalore native in some ways (he was born and
    raised in Chennai but had relatives and they used to
    visit every summer) often went on about Bangalore of
    old times.

    Bangalore was by far the most green city in the south.
    I lived in Jayanagar which is south bangalore. When I
    went to college you only needed to glance either side
    before crossing a road. Even if you did not look
    motorists would stop for you. The distance from my
    house to college was 3 miles. The road had gulmohur
    trees on either side which grew to form a canopy and
    offered shade during summer. The 3 mile walk was a
    pleasure. People did not eat out as much, but what you
    got, the native snacks and food, were relished much -
    Bangalore by the way is famous for peanuts, hence the
    name 'Benga luru' now which means boiled
    beans/peanuts. You get raw peanuts to boil, you get
    'uri kaalu' which is peanuts coated with a spicy mix
    and fried on sand without oil, you get 'mocha avare'
    which is a relative of lima beans, smaller and much
    more tasty, and you get a variety of other beans
    including double beans which are not easily available
    in other parts of india. Now all eating is about fast
    food - kids don't even know the pleasure of boiled
    peanuts with salt on a late afternoon, or how great
    uri kaalu is without the fat from oil and spicy
    addition to peanuts. No courtesy is left in human
    interaction any more - you only hear honking honking
    all the time even on small roads and bylanes.

    There was a century old tree in the campus of
    Bangalore club. When we used to wait for the run down
    bangalore bus system to show up, the birds on this
    tree provided a veritable musical concert to our ears.
    The branches were so long that the extended well over
    four lanes of Double Road, the road that connects
    south bangalore to heart of the city. The tree is cut
    down to make room for what, more roads and more cars

    I will go on if you let me. But in reality am just
    very saddened. Of course we need progress but progress
    at what cost, am not sure. In Chennai the culture is
    kept alive, to some extent, by temples and classical
    music. Mumbai was always a business city, has its own
    culture but not one that is dying out. Bangalore was
    always about its trees, greenery, courteous gentle
    people and homegrown produce. Most of it is gone now.
  • Dear Malathi,
    So sorry to hear all that. I'd never
    gone on my own there (was on a
    tour that last time) because I figured
    it would be so Westernized it would be
    almost like home.
    My favorite things to find in India are
    pre-11th century.
    Your food descriptions are making me
    very hungry [lunchtime here]
  • Kathy, I wish it was 'westernised' :)) meaning
    cleaner, more disciplined traffic and more efficient
    trash handling - unfortunately not.

    I'd rather call it 'commercialisation'. I agree things
    like fast food, more cars and all are aping from the
    west, but there is more awareness in the west now of
    the excessive indulgence, that will take a while to
    catch up in India.

    Bangalore was a very clean city, now it plastic,
    trash, everywhere. Environmental pollution was always
    a problem and is much worse now. One of the biggest
    side effects, no sparrows!! These friendly harmless
    little beings are everyone's companion even in
    concrete jungles - some pesticide was used that near
    eradicated them almost completely from Bangalore.
    Green parrots disappeared around when i was there

  • *grin* wow.. some quite scary emails there.. However,. Bangalore is my
    city in India (despite the increased pollution, traffic etc) because I
    believe it is the
    most cosmopolitan of cities. Having grown up in different places in India, I
    Chennai to be too insular , delhi is rather nasty and dangerous and Mumbai
    lacks "culture".

    Bangalore to me is a happy mix.. or maybe I shall be disappointed :)
  • Hi Arun, I plan to go home sometime too, I originally
    thought Bangalore but after a few visits I have
    changed my mind, it will probably be Chennai.

    Bangalore is cosmo, more than ever now. Lots of places
    to eat, if you know where to go you do get good food,
    although pricey, shopping is nice, lot of variety, and
    of course if you like pubs and that type of stuff
    Bangalore always was like that.

    Safety, i would say no. Software engineers especially
    are target of crime now, there is lot of theft at
    knife point for cell phones and jewellery, and break
    ins in separate houses. Don't go out late, or drive in
    remote areas.

    Be careful, and any place in India is home anyway. You
    will sure enjoy it for that reason!!

  • i have nothing against bangalore - but some years ago i met a
    traffic cop who was particularly rude....driving a TN registration
    car, despite showing him ample proof that we had driven in for a
    meeting and were returning back - the guy insisted to fine us for
    not having a karnataka registration - the argument was - you want
    jobs from us, you want water from us but tax you want to pay in TN (
    these were comments of an uniformed cop) - finally he let us go when
    we threatened to capture what he said on the hp's video....the whole
    concept of vehicle tax is a joke. anyway, go this as a forward, so
    please reserve comments and look at just the funnier side..

    Time to travel from your house to your neighbor's house. (a) 2
    Wheeler - 4 years (b)4 Wheelers 700 Years (c) Big 4 wheelers - 3752
    Years (d) If you plan to park - Impossible

    There are no roads in Bangalore. Vehicles travel in the gaps between
    houses. They fondly remember it as roads even though there is no
    trace of tar on them.

    Even though India has opened up itself to foreign cars every house
    should own a FIAT.

    Nobody knows the right way - so don't waste you time is asking for
    directions - if you still insist record this on a tape and play it -
    "sir, circle hogi straight madi - double road left hogi...circle -
    you can play it on and on."

    It is the only place in the world where people drive 2-wheelers on

    Tamil isnt spoken in Bangalore - even if you know tamil, its
    indecent to speak in tamil. However if you still chance on someone
    who does - its udrango ( i/o of kelambaranga)

    English is the only allowed language and has to be spoken without
    exercising your lips muscle and Jaw bones - (eathen hunt would fail
    in lip reading if he came to bangalore)

    Jeans ( ofcourse Jean is the only botton wear allowed and is formal
    wear) are never to be worn above the waist - where exactly below
    cannot be written in this.

    T shirts have to be two sizes small. Shirts have to be two sizes
    large and checked ( export rejects from the inumerous factories
    suppling to GAP and NIKE) - they should never be buttoned or pressed
    ( ironed).

    Irrespective of the occasion you have dirty sneaker and never mind
    the weather ( bangalore has lost its cool weather long back )
    changes - you always need to wear a blazer or wind cheater. If its
    too smelly just tie it around the waist.

    Commercial establishments are open 4 hours a day. They also break
    for lunch for 4 hours.

    Any building with a glass façade is into IT or BPO and will pay you
    five times of what you would get in any of the other buildings ( not
    that any work gets done in them either)

    Every other road has a medical college and two engineering colleges
    ( plus one cinema hall) - it goes wihtout mention that the cinema
    hall has better attendance for a show that the colleges get per

    If dracula were to resettle I think he would pick bangalore - the
    rule is for every hour you stay awake when the sun is up, you need
    to stay up for 5 times that many in the night. What you do afterdark
    cannot be written in this blog but can still mention that
    kingfisher's Balance sheet could list Blr on fixed asset sch.

    Whatever you do afterdark, make sure you join the long list in front
    of the various temples and pray profusely that God suffer from short
    Term memory loss a la Gajini and forgive all your jalakridai of yore.

    The word punctual has been long martyed - You have to be atleast 2
    hours late to work, 21/2 if it's a lunch meeting, 3 if its dinner
    and more if for any other formal occasion.

    All food should be consumed on road sides or in some vihars. All
    sambars should be blood red but still taste sweet.

    Tea should be sweeter than payasam and coffee should make you throw

    Houses should never be brightly lit and every inch of space must
    have wooden furnitute. Rest of the floor showing must be covered
    with the dirtiest looking carpet. Every window must have dark shades
    and they should never be left open.

    In short living in Bangalore is like living in a foreign country,
    with strange language and stange habits, but with horrible living

    But you still cant take two things away from bangalore - the women
    and greenery. I think coversely something is genetically wrong with
    women in chennai and same defect has manifested into men from
    bangalore - they keep getting uglier.
  • Thanks Malathi :) Well not really into the "pub" scene.. but I think
    we can get a healthy blend of a number of different genres of music.

    Shall keep the "safety" aspect in mind!
  • he he, i really enjoyed that!! Yes anti tamil
    sentiment has picked up in a big way. Political
    reasons more than any other.

    Yes i absolutely agree that living standards are
    horrible. I will comment that kannada is not really a
    strange language and our tamilians must overcome some
    bias aroun that. It is very easy to learn and minimal
    knowledge necesary to get around. If we can go to
    Mumbai an learn Marathi/Hindi we can learn some

    Just for NRIs benefit, I have seen people go home in a
    sentimental rush and do a 'right above' turn in a few
    years,especially if you have lived abroad a decade or
    more. Think well, weigh all your priorities and go for
    the right reasons (family,kids,religion are all
    generally right reasons, social life, food, work etc
    are not). If we go for right reasons we will not be
    disappointed or atleast we can handle our
    disappointments better.
  • This jus took me off... to my Hindi teacher.. Who use to say.. Tamil nadu has highest amount of people who get registered for studying Hindi in Hindi prachar sabha.. i am not weather it still holds correct..!!
    on a lighter side..  I did hindi only till my 3rd ..and my Sis did B.A in Hindi with Prachar sabha.. I think she passed Praveen purvardh. She can read, write in Hindi.. but she jus cant speak. For me, I can hardly do the above said ones, but I will be able to manage a north crowd with my not so broken Hindi. All credits to National Dhoordharshan and regular viewing of Chitrahar and Bhuniyath, which used to get without any Tamil dubbing as we were in non-metro locations, and our neighbours were mostly North Indians
    This instance, is not with my Sis, but I have seen many people who have very good know how in Hindi, but can converse in that language. I suppose this is peculiar to TN, as most of friends and relatives in other south Indian states can very well communicate in Hindi… This is my reading… I might be erroneous too..
  • That is true. I am not sure statistically but the
    majority tamils i meet outside do have working
    knowledge of Hindi.

    Some generalisations i have noticed and heard from
    other people - (generalisations only not applicable to
    each and every person)

    1 We are very smart - 'intelligent' in the sense we
    have fast grasp of problems, not that good at slow

    2 We know several languages, hindi,marathi, french
    german etc but have resistance towards kannada,
    telugu, etc.

    3 We have sharp sense of humor that often can be
    hurtful to others, like calling bangalore 'sleepy'
    city, telugus 'goltis' and so on in their presence and
    not realizing it might hurt at times.

    4 We are very liberal people, chennai possibly next to
    bombay is the only city where so many communities live
    and survive

    5 The average tamil can cook much better than his
    north indian/telugu/kannada counterparts, atleast he
    won't starve and can definitely make coffee.

    Just some things to think about...

  • Dear group,
    Please forgive me, I keep mis directing
    my message about figures w belly faces.
    Kathie B.

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