• Hi

    Anyone here watches the program 'Payanam' in Makkal TV on sundays
    11.30AM? This is a very good program and in the past few weeks they
    covered the coastal town of the Kayalpattanam along with some of the
    villages around it (think Korkai was one) and some of the historical
    monuments in that area.
    Week before last, it was Kumbakonam and some of the offbeat temples
    there like the vishnu temple with the entire Ramayanam painted by
    the Nayaks in the walls and some of the efforts to save it.
    Last week it was the trail of the Mathematical genius Ramanujam in
    KBM and his house, memorial etc. Also was a trip to the Nadaswara
    giant Rajarathinam pillai's dilipated house and some of the
    Nadaswara mfg people around that area.
    It is a very good program which with a slow narrative, tries to
    explore a few off beat locations with historical importance. While I
    believe that the high-visible heritage monuments need to be taken
    care of, it is a must that some sort of documentation such as these
    need to be done for the hundreds of smaller monuments which may not
    be available for the coming generations.

    Muthu Prakash R
  • I have seen this program a few times, very good indeed. Covers many
    historical places. Its a good initiative.

    talking about 'kayalpattnam' - i remember reading in Balakumaran's
    'Irumbu Kuthiraigal' - that initially people from Kayalpattanam
    started the scrap business (buying selling waste items, scraps etc)and
    hence its called 'kayalan kadai'.
    Interested piece of info, but not sure how far its true?
  • There is an old bound book, 1950s i think lying in my
    home. A serial named 'Thennaattu Selvangal' on old
    temples. It is authored by Bharanidharan, I think. My
    mother used to say he is the same as Mereena, the
    playwright who wrote many plays centered on brahmin
    family politics.

    I can scan this book and perhaps post it here, if
    anyone is interested, it is a treasure of information.
  • We will be very much inerested.

    Thiru should advise us of the space avl.

  • hi please watch our for copyrights if you planning to put in up in
    the web
  • Hi,

    It is a good idea. Probably someone can visit these
    temples and write about their present state.. after 50
    years of Bharanidharan's visit.
  • Hi
    I think the first to write a temple travelougue was u.Ve. Saminatha

    its now the vougue. almost every magazine carries a temple article.
    better roads, more interest in religion is all fuelling this new
  • It will take some time for me to do it, the book is
    more than 500+ pages. Yes copyrighting may be an
    issue, I don't know. I think it is safe to post
    pictures and such, the pictures were not photographs,
    they were drawn by the great artist Silpi.

    I will let everyone know after it is scanned.
  • Thank you for the correction Shoba. It is not Bharanidharan, it is
    Bhaskara Thondaimaan, my sister clarified. I think we are talking
    about the same book, although I doubt if the new book will have the
    drawings by Silpi which made the old one remarkable.

    I will scan and post some pictures atleast, am guessing now the book
    is copyrighted. Apologies for the miscommunication.

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