Sujatha's historical novels
  • I dont think there was any discussion on this. But if I am correct, he
    wrote two novels. One is 'Kanthalur vasantha kumaran kathai' and
    another is 'Rathham ore niram'.
    'Kanthalur..' is based on the 'Kanthalur kalamaruthu.'inscription and
    the first part is interesting enough. In the epilogue, Sujatha
    mentiones about writing a sequel which will actually tell the 'thoothu'
    sent to kaanthalur before the last war that destroyed it. But he never
    got around to write it. As a novel, if you strip the historical
    background, it reads very similar to a Ganesh-Vasanth romance.
    'Ratham ore niram' is my favorite of two and this is written with teh
    1857 war of Independence as backdrop. The Madras army is sent to assist
    the British and our hero goes along. This is more an adventure story
    which documents some of the revolutionaries life in those days in
    Kanpur and other nearby places along with their politics.

    Muthu Prakash R

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