The song that waited for 1600 years
  • Hi Group,

    Salil Chowdhury recorded the Kanal Vari pattu in
    Silappathikaram about river Kaveri ( the song starts
    like Thingal Malai Ven Kudaiyan ) in 1973 for a Tamil
    Movie "Karumbu."

    This song was written by our Ilango Adikal in the 2nd
    century AD. It perhaps waited for 1600 years for a
    music rendition and that too by a Bengali ( Salil )!
    Wonder who was the singer - our K J Jesudas, a

    So this is another example for the greatness of our
    mother land.

    After some persuation, Gautam Chowdhury a decendant of
    Salil Chowdhury has made it available for listening on


    Enjoy this mesmerizing song. It was so popular in the
    erstwhile Ceylon radio.

    Thanks and best regards,
  • Hi,

    In the film Poompuhar (starring SSR) there's a song starting as "Ponnaal ithu pole varuma inimele" in which the lyricist has used words of Silappadikaram" such as "maasaru ponne, valamburi mutthe, kaasaru vidaye, karumbe, thaene.

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