Temple cleaning activity
  • Today's Hindu carries this article on the temple cleaning volunteers.

  • Dear Muthuprakash,
    It says about none other than our known Archaeologist Dr Satyamurthy, the
    founder for REACH, where our SPS @ SB sir is also a trustee. I am
    Chandrasekaran, MAdan, etc. are also part of PS group.Tomorrow we are having
    a interview from Aha FM and it may be telecast on coming Monday.
    Join us to save more temples,
  • What time will the intw will be broadcast? You can listen to aahaafm in web. Just log on to www.aahaafm.com

  • Dear Vaidy,

    One small humble suggestion. Since you are part of the NDTV framework, it would do wonders if some small interview or programme is done in NDTV , to cover the activities of REACH and temple_cleaners. Since NDTV network has a national as well as international reach, i presume that it would attract a lot more people to help us towards this noble cause.
    Miles to go before we sleep!!!!
  • Hello Mouli,

    Can you send a mail about REACH and its activities..so that I can ask my Chennai Burea to do the needful.
  • Dear Members,

    The HINDU artilce caught the attention of Singer Chiinmayyi (that's
    how she spells her name)'s mother, being an archeology buff
    herself, and she had informed her daughter about our foundation.
    Chiinmayyi contacted us and wanted the recording within short
    notice, that's Thursday evening, if at all it is poossible. She was
    to fly to Singapore for a live stage singing performance with her
    friend and had to wind up the finishing touches of the recording
    and keep the track ready, so that people can hear it coming
    Monday Indian time 7 AM to 9 AM,in the morning breakfast
    show. Unfortunately Dr.T.Satyamurthy was not around town, so
    were other trustees, except Mr.Hariharan. Mr.Hariharan amidst his
    busy schedule chose to come for the recording and members
    Seetharaman (from TCS) and our REACH member Nilakantan,
    Uzhavarappani group members Srinivasan and his crew including a
    mother and a boy made the show lively. Even though the
    message was enormous, Chiinmayyi handled things beautifully and
    tactfully and is bringing out the relay coming Monday. So, please
    enjoy listening and give feed back to her show to Aahaa fm and
    to REACH.
    Those who can listen through net can click the URL:-


    Those in Tamilandu can listen FM radio Aahaa FM.

    Thanks to the media, THE HINDU, DINAMALAR and to Ms.
    Chiinmayyi who could make us reach the rural folk through our
    voices and her compering, through aahaa FM.
    Of course, it was Rajan Ganesh the founding member of yahoo
    group temple_cleaners who responded to Chiinmayyi's call and
    made me club all the available speakers in such a short time.
    We enjoyed every bit from 8 PM to 11 PM Thursday, during
    recording. Chiinmayyi had to complete her stuff till late midnight
    and fly to Singapore. So much for dedication fo work.
  • Welldone Chandra
  • Dear SPS and Team

    This is a very commendable effort, it is great to have people instead of talking, getting and accomplishing it. Kudos.

    I would like to make a suggestion even if most of you are aware of this. Is there any method to create awareness on keeping the temple clean.
    The last time I was in Srirangam temple in June 2007, the outside praharam ( was smelling of urine and outside pragaram had . It was really offensive and demoralizing. Nam perumal and Thayar are living in bhuloka vaikundam any awareness to help in establishing the sanctity of the temple.
    This is one example and I understand it is a massive effort, but it needs to start some place. I would like to help too.
  • That is plsticsCHANDRA ..

    Thank you Dear chandrasekar..for all your untiring efforts.

    best regards / sps
  • REACH / Temple Cleaning is the brain child of our Dear Plastics
    Chandra. About 3 years back, Himself and his sister Mrs. Uma / ICICI
    Mumbai RUSHED TO join our group from Mumbai and enroled in the Van -
    in front of Tirupathi Temple, T.Nagar Chennai, - which was to move
    towards Thanjavur Big Temple. Related to Swami Suddhanandha Bharathi
    from the paternal side they are associated with a School in Sivaganga.

    Ever dynamic Chandra associated himself with a couple of Auditors and
    pesonalities from other walks of life and planned Temple Cleaners e-

    Upon retirement from ASI, Suptt Archlgist Dr. Sathiyamurthy
    encouraged similar activities and REACH took shape. I am also
    included as one of the Founder Trustees in this but Chandra remained
    outside the Trust Board., tho" he is catalistic in all the activities.

    REACH is becoming a familiar name of late in Temple cleaning /
    preservastion / tourism / epigraphical studies, though so much need
    to be done in more organised way..

    But the humble beginning already commenced.

  • I listened to REACH programme on Aahaafm yesterday morning. It was a good one explaining how top people are involved in this excellent scheme.



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