Any statue of RRC or RC
  • Are there any statues of Raja Raja Cholan or Rajendra Cholan anywhere in Tamilnadu?

    check the image on the it chandesa
    who is shown kneeling down and receiving the divine blessing from
    shiva...but why the garland ...akhilan wrote in vengaiyin mainthan
    that this was the sculpture trying to portray his king RJC on his
    triumpant return from the ganges campaign...
  • Are you looking for something like this -

    IIRC, this was made for the Thanjavur Tamil universtity based on the
    paintings in the big temple of raja raja. SPS/others may correct me if am
  • There is one for Raja Raja as well as Rajendra Chozha at Madurai Kamaraj
    University, in front of the Mu.Va hall, but it is in a pathetic state ... I
    don't know whether they were built with some specifications or built just
    like that

    ~ Udanx
  • we have the mural in our photo archives

    but is this RRC and Karuvur thevar!! sorry to repeat, but check the
    archives for discussions on these as well
  • So is there only one statue of one of the greatest Tamil kings, in the whole of Tamilnadu? I suppose the capital city of the state does not have a single statue of the the greatest Tamil kings.

    What a sad state of affairs.
  • There is a statue at Egmore. If I am not wrong it is some Perumpidugu
    Muthariyar, who is that? and why is it here?
  • > > I think its Maravan veeramuthu kon. I am also not sure who is it.
    > can
    > > anyone tell about this persons history. Or I am confusing the one
    > with
    > > that in Guindy?
    > >
    > > Regards,
    > > Satish
    > >
    > Or is it Veeran Azhagumuthu Kon...I think i erred in my previous
    > mail. :)

    I remember seeing Perumpidugu Muthariyar statue somewhere in chennai..
    can anyone tell where?
  • atleast vanthiya thevan has one....will kundavai be pleased or
    displeased that her husband has one in chennai wherein her brother
    does not.

    on a serious note - i think there is more that can be done for rrc
    and many more such legendary figures than just making statues of
    them - to stay neglected all year round expect for a day when they
    are garlanded by petty politicians.....and then left to the mercy of
    crow/pigeon droppings. they will be better served if we could learn
    more about them, take good care of their immortal creations and
    contirbutions to man kind - maybe try to get chapters glorifying
    their exploits incl into the history books of that the
    coming generations dont forget them.
  • Dear Mr. Vijay
    I do agree with you. The least we can do for these great men is to
    make the next generation also know about them .
    with regards ,
    shanthi palaninathan.
  • Very true - action speaks.
  • I will take it a bit tangentially -- I do have a feeling that in Indian
    History for Independence the contribution from Tamil Nadu is neglected. For
    example - With the minimal knowledge I have,

    1. The first gun shot that was fired towards Indian Independence was from
    Vanchinathan. But not much is talked about him in Indian History but we do
    have pages about 'Shahid' Bagat Singh.

    2. I read about the contribution of undivided Madurai district women during
    the independence. To the best of my knowledge they never get a mention in
    Indian Histroy.

    3. The work of Subramania Bharati is also not highlighted properly.

    My argument is when we cant improve the South Indian presence in Indian
    Independence History, how are we going to do the same for RRC and RJC?

    ~ Udanx
  • -Hi

    I think I missed a part of the discussion

    where is vanthiyathevans statue?
  • Yes Udankar. Many of us have this in our hearts and the question
    remains unanswered. When Marathis take pride in Shivaji, Punjab
    takes pride in Bagat Singh, we dont take pride in our heros.
    Even Gandhi was inspired by Thillayadi valliammai, when he was in
    South Africa, but no mention of this grand old lady occurs anywhere.

    Personally, I would attribute all these downfalls of tamils, to the
    internal clashes we had. Pre and post independence, people like
    Periyar were busy bashing the Hindus and Brahmins and Vanchi,
    Bharathi being brahmins, there is no way, they could have come to
    the lime light.

    This is why, as quoted by Venkatesh sometime back, during 60-70s
    Tamils were desperately looking for a hero and made Kattabomman a
    hero, where as Venkatesh says, Kattabommans commander, who was
    actually a patriot, refused to pay taxes when bommu was holidaying

    And again praising any of our kings, let it be RRC or RJC, again it
    glorifies Hinduism, because the standing evedences of their
    greatness are the temples, which the so called secularist folks will
    never highlight. I might sound pro-brhamin or pro-hindu, but
    whatever you call me, these are bitter facts which cannot be brushed

    I would say, Vanchi is much brave than Bhagat singh, becuase a
    person who soon after his marriage and straight away goes to kill an
    english - it takes a lot of courage.
  • Sathish,

    Again ... All this I write is what I heard from my History friends while I
    was doing my Post Grad.

    Kattabomman was never a patriot as portrayed in the film .
    Thanks to Ma.Po.Si and B.R.Banthulu, Kattabomman has been made to look like
    a patriot.
    Infact I was told when ever a discussion on Kattabomman takes place it ends
    in a fight.
    But on records (Again what I heard from my history friends) Kattabomman
    infact followed the collector to Kutralam to pay the tax.

    Baghat Singh ... No wonder was a great patriot ... It was he and his gang
    who declared Poorna Swaraj long before Indian National Congress declared
    that. You should actually read why they shot in the court and what they
    wanted to achieve. They wanted Poorna Swaraj and they wanted some sort of
    attention to their declaration. When they were arrested and produced before
    the court and the arguments gets the due attention of the press and
    eventually the public. Then their case gets attention what they were looking
    for. The English realize this later and from that point it was not a public
    court it was private hearing.

    As I said I wont equate Bhagat Sing and Vanchinathan. My point is Bharati /
    vanchinathan should have been given due representation in the Indian
    Independence History.

    My heart bleeds for all the Tamizh Martyrs who didn't get their due.

    ~ Udanx
  • >
    > I would say, Vanchi is much brave than Bhagat singh, becuase a
    > person who soon after his marriage and straight away goes to kill
    > english - it takes a lot of courage.

    vanchi has a railway junction ( maniyachi) named after him,

    its a fitting honour where he comitted the assasination
    kumari anandan in his lctures always quotes the example of
    vanchinathan. when vanchinathan killsed district collector ashe in
    maniyachi junction and commited suicide his body was checked and he
    had a platform ticket in his pocket.knowing pretty well he wasnt
    destined to come out of the station alive he had bought a railway
    platform ticket.
    I dont know if the platform ticket system was in vougue then but a
    nice incident.
  • check this out for article on vanchinathan
  • Hi, Read the Bhavan's piece, and felt ignorance of the freedom movement in the south is very much prevalent after so many years. They have not heard of Tiruppur Kumaran and Va vu si is dismissed in one or two sentences. He may not have shot himself but like Savarkar served in the Andamans Jail (Kaala Paani) and died as a consequence. And how many in the north know poet Bharathi. A handful, I may say, but the whole of India knows about Rabindranath Tagore.
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