Chozas by Neela Kanta Sastri
  • Hi All,
    I need Chozas by Nilakanta sastri, pirakala choza varalaru .
    I am trying to get these books but in vain. where can i purchase this book. Please, suggest me.

    "One For All..All For One"
    HH Mahatma Gandhi.
  • Colas is available at madras univ.
  • If copy right issues are resolved, we can form a team of volunteers to
    type in and host these books.
  • Nilakanta sastri cola availiable at chennai university publication
    division at a 50% discount till september 30th at the cost of 125

    for pirkalacholar ,its availiable at annamalai university
    publication division chidambaram or you can try at Permanent book
    exhibition at connemara library building Museum complex.

    S.Balasubramani B+
    Bhubaneswar- Orissa
  • Thanks Vijay Kumar.S..
  • surely..i would like to participiate if that ever happens..
  • Thanks for the Info.
  • Hi bala sir,

    my friend tried for pirkala chola varalaru in the book exhibition not there.
  • i got it from permanent book exhibition. if it is not aailiable, you
    can try with

    kalachuvadu pathipagam
    216 triplican high road
    western side of parthasarathy temple.
    generally they are keeping uiversity publications along with
    kalchuvadu books.

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