Criticisms on PS-Consequences of not knowing our history well enough
  • Hi Ramaswamy

    Yes, I think we need to salute Kalki for this. I would like to talk about my own perceptions of his writing style later on when I have more time.

    As of now, I would like everyone to consider the consequences of either not knowing our own history or not valuing our history and heritage enough -

    I think as a consequence, we have -

    Regressed as a society in every way.
    We have had leaders like RRC, RC and some others who have had amazing vision and definitely pride in what they believed was possible, yet - now, we have leaders of mediocre capabilities and practically no vision being paraded as the ultimate.
    Are we richer today as a society - definitely not
    Do we, as a society, have pride and dignity and prominence in the general scheme of things? - We do have people of exceptional individual talent, merit and capabilities but we have nothing significant as a society, compared to the heights achieved by the great rulers more a thousand years ago.
    The area that we live in now as a state is considerably smaller than the times of RRC & RC; in fact its even smaller than the 2 states above us.
    Even Ponni is not with us!

    I could go on, on this but I will suffice it to say that the first thing that needs to be taken up is inculcating our history to those around us and definitely to our younger generation. I hope each of us here will do his or her part in at least talking about it to the maximum no. from the younger generation.
  • -Hi All

    I have been deeply interested in history ever since my schooldays and
    as many said i had to search for details outside the textbooks.
    but then how many of us know the true history.

    we have been led by the movies and books in paths that are contrary
    to true facts.
    just for example
    people always have a misconception that the muslim invasions never
    touched the south and it was the north that sufferred.
    tamilnadu was one of the earliest to be colonised by the muslims.
    who do you think followed the last pandyas. - the madurai sultanate.
    even before the invention of the gun malik kafur travelled all the
    way to madurai/ rameshwaram from delhi conquering every state on the

    we all feel katabomman was a great fighter who refused to bow down
    before the british and refused to pay his taxes.
    there are records to prove kattabomman paid all his taxes in due time
    except the last. only the last one was not paid and that too qwhen
    kattabomman was on a holiday and his diwan had a fit of patriotism.
    and kattabomman with his mother toungue being telugu couldnt have
    possibly uttered those great orations before jackson.( and I have
    read that jackson was censured and court martialled for mis handling
    the poligar issue.

    if the british had not come what would have been the scenario in
    chennai for example.
    we would have been a muslim province ruled by the nawabs of carnatic
    and in case a united india was being formed we would have been
    debating whether to join india or pakistan.

    so my contention is not only are our children being taught lesser
    history but they could also be taught something contrary to original
  • We have so much info in our archives - am sure we can cull a chapter
    on chola history & pandya history from them. it can then be
    edited/proof read and brought out as a free handout/pdf file or pushed
    through proper channels to include into the syllabus as they deem fit.
    So that our laments dont just stop with posts in this group.
  • I fully agree with Sri Venkatesh.

    1. School text books will give only a politically correct and approved
    version of history. At least in my school days, I had access to books by
    different authors and publishers, giving slightly different version of
    the incidents. Even that luxury is not available, I think, nowadays.
    Text books writing and publishing by NCERT only add to the woes.

    2. Regarding preserving and publishing manuscripts - the organizations,
    both private and government, libraries etc. will face enormous hurdles,
    resource crunches and time - and will not be able to do it in the
    foreseeable future. Like Project Madurai (excellent effort and service),
    a similar effort must be initiated with volunteers to type and host the
    manuscripts from scanned or xeroxed copies. About 1000 volunteers will
    achieve a lot in one year.

    3. Another way to 'expose' is to write monographs on specific
    topics,personalities and events of historical importance, and bring all
    known data - written, oral etc. - in one document with references
    available, of course without bias. Such monographs written by experts
    will help rapid dissemination of knowledge. RV's info about Kattabomman
    is ripe material for a monograph.

  • Hi venkat

    quick question was oomai durai really a mute or as shown in the
  • Hi
    if you see sivagangai siimai he actually talks.
    but there is a legend of him being mute and encouaging his army by
    taking a fist ful of white chaff( ummi) and blowing it away.


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