KAN & Kalki
  • Some pretty interesting discussions.

    I am reading through 'The Colas' at whatever pace that
    can be managed with two kids. Yesternight was reading
    through the Takkolam war and was wondering whether
    Kalki and KAN met any time during their lifetime and
    what they thought of each others work.
    The Colas was published first in 1933 which is a
    couple of decades before PS was written. And KAN was
    alive when the second edition was published in 1955.
    There is a very high probability that KAN read PS.
    Kalki may have sought some inputs from KAN also
    regarding PS. Do we have any evidence of their
    relationship? Do we have any documentation left on
    KAN's thoughts on PS?(being a historian, he would've
    been able to appreciate Kalki taking the history to
    the masses?!)

    If any of you can share any information on this, that
    would be interesting.

    Muthu Prakash R


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  • Hi
    an answer to this might be in sunda's ponniyin puthalvar.
    shall check it up
  • Kalki did not associate much with KAN at a personal level to the best
    of my knowledge. Even at a book level, kalki used Sadasiva
    pandarathar's Prikalach chozhar varalaaru almost word by word rather
    than the cholas

    Remember that The cholas clearly accuses Uttama as being in the plot
    to kill aditya karikala

    > an answer to this might be in sunda's ponniyin puthalvar.
    > shall check it up
  • Dear

    Kalki had visited all the places of historical importance comonig in PS story


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