SabariMalai- Jyothi
  • Sundar is right. This is a question of belief. My grandfather who would
    have been 107 yrs. old had he been alive has seen the Jyothi too. I
    have also read in a Tamil magazine (do not remember which) that the
    Jyothi is lit on Ponnambala medu with the photograph of the said
    medu. It is not NDTV that has given this news first.
    Another inexplicable divine happening is the sweating of the panchalo
    ha idol of' 'Lord Singaravela' in Sikkil on the day he receives the Sakthi
    Vel before Soora Samharam. The archakas keep wiping the sweat
    with a silk cloth.
  • Hi,

    I am not trying to offend anyones belief nor can i expect to get
    answers to everything in science.

    However, it leads us to a bigger question - do you need miracles to
    believe the existence of GOD.....every culture, every civilisation
    has its share of GOD men, miracles etc etc - i guess at somepoint -
    like a good speaker uses jokes to keep his audience entralled,
    similarly these are used to get the attention of the user and to
    focus his wandering mind.

    But for me, in todays age of scientific reason, some of these do
    shake the very pillar of you belief, giving ammunition to the non
    believers who ridicule such thereby mocking our it a
    linga being spit out, holy ash appearing out of a portrait, ganesha
    drinking milk etc etc ...why are we being led by these, why should
    we try and put up a spectacle to attract attention to us, when there
    is actually enough real depth in our scriptures...

    i quote our friend mr. bala's forward...

    Thaenukkul inbam sivappo karuppo
    vaanukkul eesanaith thedu madhiyileer
    thaenukkul inbam serindhirun thaarpol
    oonukkul eesan olindhirun thaane.
    - Thirumoolar
  • Spirutuality, that too the depth defined by Hinduism is not an easy
    joke which any tom dick and harry can understand. Sanathana dharmam
    defines various stages by which a atma can merge with the param..

    as manickavasagar say,

    pullagi poodai puzhuvai maramagi....palvirugamaagi, paravayay
    pambai,.....kallai manidharai...etc etc..

    atma travels a lot till it attains the param. for mortals who dont
    even understand the simple meaning of words like ahimsa, not hurting
    anyone by thought words or deeds, how can you expect them to
    understand the depths of scriptures. you basically start with
    belief, may be offer prayers, elevate to bhajans, chant mantras and
    over a period of time understands the ultimate truth that god is
    nowhere but we are god. but it takes an eon to attain that

    so to make the common mortals belive in an ultimate power above us,
    not to deviate them from the path of spirituality and get into
    unwanted activities, miracles are a must. miracle need not be a kan
    kattu vithai alone, every moment we experience miracles, but we
    seldom realise that those are miracles. but somethings which are
    obivous as these, like a garuda circling the aparanam of ayyapan etc
    makes us more curious. a flower blossoming, the food we take
    digesting, a baby born and growing in an adult,e verything is a

    but such routine things never make us curious but a sudden spurt of
    action, which we call miracles surely will make everyone notice and
    realise that there is some super power above us.

    'Angels and demons' revolves around only this simple concept of
    creating a miracle so that the world comes back to the path of
  • hi;

    i dont think we can call them miracles just because we are not able to
    explain certain incidents. All these happenings like the Sabarimalai
    jyoti, garuda circling the aparanam of ayyapan, all have proper scientific
    explanations. It is just that we as a group tend to lean more towards
    miracles and religion than towards science and its explanations. Explanation
    for the Sabarimalai Jyoti can be had if only a decent level of effort is
    mounted and this effort is taken in the right spirit.
    It is a case of whether we really want to have an explanation to these
    occurrences or are we comfortable in believing these occurrences as
    miracles. I think we lean towards the latter on more instances.
    Just because a person gives these "miracles a scientific explanation it
    doesn't mean he/she is a non-believer and is defaming that particular
    religion. We tend to make a habit of this and this becomes politicized too.
    Religion is a concept devised my our ancestors to live a particular way of
    life. God is central to that concept as the all controlling power. Like
    every living thing in this planet, religion has also evolved over centuries.
    It has developed concepts within itself which if followed tends to improve
    the standard of living.
    Believing in God is a discipline which improves concentration, memory,
    physical and mental strength. For example the words "Om Nama Sivaya, Sivaya
    Nama Om" if recited with correct pronunciation daily tends to exercise the
    vocal chords and certain muscles. This gives us a certain resistance power
    towards some common illness. This discipline when followed rigorously tends
    to improve ones way of life.
    All these occurrences have explanations which we need to accept in the right
    spirit and embrace the concept of God for what it really is, a discipline.
    The question is has our society evolved enough to ask these questions? The
    answer is no.
  • Nice one rahul....todays religion makes you ask the question - are
    we god's creation or is god our creation...

    was the concept of a super power - all seeing entity created - to
    keep people on the `right path' - so that when no one is around ( no
    law enforcer is around) - people fear retribution from GOD and hence
    do not stray from the `right path'. is GOD humanitys moral

    Ummachi kanna kutthum concept ( kalki bashaila sollanumna -
    pullikesi kitta pudichi koduthuduven)

    Our organised propaganda machines are old fashioned and dont stand
    up to the new age reasoning - so much that today hardly a handfull
    of people know about vedic scriptures - they think ramayana and
    mahabratha /gita are the only books of hindusim - to be used only
    during marriage ( ok upanayayam as marriage as well) and
    death....mouth sync a few hymns recited by a kudumi and dhoti clad
    pot bellied man sporting different signs on his forehead.

    Going to temples has been reduced to such an ignomity due to our
    films - that our youngsters go there to look at auntys and tamil
    kalacharam ulla pengal ( incl thalaivar in shivaji).

    Students go around pillayar temples to pray for him to write their
    exams, ladies go around arasa maram to get blessed with kids....go
    to select temples to get married or even have a normal delivery!!!
    sanyasis and swamiji's incl prestigious madathipathis have become
    objects of ridicule.

    most popular abodes are the abodes of the nine planets - to rid one
    of the evil effects - while the masters temples are left to rot.

    defintely our religion is more than this - the right /wrong paths
    are subjective - rights are no longer rights and the wrongs are no
    longer wrongs. hindusim is deeper than this, but we have kept the
    deeper inner preachings under wraps for so long - already there are
    only a handful of places - our bastions in mylapore, west mambalam
    etc where there are pockets of communities holding on to these ....
    but is this enough - honestly do you think you can attract kids of
    these days by these stories / kan kattu vitthai...

    the proof is in hard numbers - ( i am not quoting these numbers to
    be little any of the others - but just to show what is happening)

    Christianity 2.1 billion
    Islam 1.3 billion
    Non-Adherent (Secular/Atheist/Irreligious/Agnostic/Nontheist) 1.1
    Hinduism 900 million

    Growth % 1990-2000

    2.65% - Zoroastrianism
    2.28% - Bahá'í Faith
    2.13% - Islam
    1.87% - Sikhism
    1.69% - Hinduism
    1.36% - Christianity
    1.09% - Buddhism

    Even in the above, how many would you call a true hindu ( not just
    born into a hindu family) - who truely knows what hindusim is - ok
    who has atleast heard a few hymns even once --- am not saying we
    should meet every sunday, or pray 5 times a day , collect funds to
    expand our numbers - but atleast let us not cover our inherent glory
    with these falses.

    like a child who is faced with a demon covering himself with a
    blanket, we hope the crisis will pass away by itself...

  • Vijay,

    You know how to use computers, you travel around the world, knows to
    read and write, spend alot of time in reading and understanding
    thing,s you know science, you can understand what is good and what
    is bad - basically you have the real 'pagutharivu' to understand and
    appreciate things. so people like you can view religion with a more
    balanced view and take te good points out of it.

    a kuppan or subban, who dont know wheter he will get his next time
    meal, how do you expect him to dwelve into scriptures and understand
    the true meaning of religion or god? if he prays, he will obviously
    pray, 'kaduvule enakku adutha vela soru kudu'..he wont even thing of
    asking give me food for tommorrow..

    all are mortals who dont have the capability of understanding things
    in better perview. as i said, hinduism is stage based and an atma
    has to travel a lot moving across stages. and the beggining stage is
    only for asking the basic needs, i should have good job, i should
    get good spouse, good kids , good health....etc etc.

    basics of hindusism - if you have your basics satisfied
    automatically you can start concentrating on the spirit. all the
    hymes which you talk about - the outward meaning of almost
    everything is asking for material needs. once you start chanting and
    attain all the basics, automatically you wil get into the inner

    i might be wrong, but surely for a common man, devine miracle is
    much more than what it is for people like you.
  • dear satish

    Thanks for all the compliments, however - some arguments against

    1. todays half of the crowd that throngs these miracle men are the
    affluent, well read. It is said that life hits you when you are at
    the peak ( and it usually hits you below the belt). Its up to the
    individual to stand up and hit back - how and what he uses to
    reinforce his self belief takes many forms. Most commonly its
    religion, however instead of guiding them in the right path of self
    realisation, they are often misled.

    2. The other half are the poorest of the poor, they used to work,
    sleep, procreate and go on with life. for them god was their land,
    their implements, a corner stone. these are simple people. It pains
    to see them being led astray and robbed of their little savings.

    3. Hindusim is very deep, cannot be understood by mere mortals, its
    only for saints and many truely enlightened souls can
    you count in the last century.... sorry my friend, its exactly this
    that is stopping/hindering more to embrace and realise the
    greatness of these works. its like the difference between an BE (
    ok, 10 years ago) and CA - BE entry was tough but once in exit is
    easy, whereas CA entry was easy but exit was practically
    impossible...why are you copper plating the platinum virtues of
    hinduism with these cheap tricks,when they can reign supreme in
    their own right

    4. you are talking of the high scriptures being highly intense
    compositions - agree, they were spontaneous outbursts of
    transcendtal emotions - sheer bliss on realising the omni potent -
    by spiritual greats - but the reason why they left behind these
    immense works is for us to experience these, you cannot ask people
    to go and re invent the wheel before driving a vehicle. we need to
    build on top of these and for this we cannot recreate the wheel...
    you dont need to have a dozen alphabets behind your name to
    experience these works...if thought and brought to the masses in a
    pure, simple and undiluted manner ...its a feeling - and even the
    uninititated, uneducated will, should and must be atleast allowed to
    experience it ...then we leave it to them and god to do the
    rest ...ours ofcourse is aadhi andam...


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