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  • Its been long since I wrote anything in the group.
    Been busy with my second kid for the past 3 months. We
    named her Vanathy, in lieu of, you-know-who.
    My first son is named Sibi and thus I have a great
    king and a queen at home ;-)

    Recently, I bought the 'Sibi and Indra' story
    published by Amar chitra katha and my son was so happy
    to have it. That made me think. Is there a illustrated
    version of PS available? (I am getting greedy here) Is
    there a illustrated story of 'Vanathy' available?

    Anyway, thrilled to hear about the sequel to PS by
    Venkatesh. I am planning to go to the book fair this
    weekend. If someone can let me know the publisher name
    and/or the stall in which it will be available, I can
    get it.

    Take care
    Muthu Prakash R


    "'I can't explain myself, I'm afraid, Sir,' said Alice, 'because I'm not myself you see.'"
    -Alice in Alice In Wonderland
  • Dear Muthu Prakash
    There is A RRC available in the amar chithr akatha series
  • - Dear Muthu prakash,

    Really after a long time.. you remember your postings on South East
    Asia .. and that English gentleman related to History ..

    Vanathy is a wonderful name ..
    Sibi (Chola) figures even in puranas ..

    It appears to be Vaanathy @ Bhuvanamadevi (since Thiruvalanchuzhi
    speaks of Rajendra as "bhuvanamdevi thiruvayirudhitha Rajendra chola
    devar .. " - thanks to Dr. Kkvn)..

    PS Chitra katha - wonderful suggestion..
    We will start working on this lead.. thanks a lot..

    Congrats and best regards / sps
  • Is chitra Katha available in Tamil or in English??
    Where i can get them in Chennai...
    Pls respond...
    i like to introduce the historical stories to my sister's kid so that
    they get interested in our history from young tender age itself...

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