Vanthiyathevan is a lucky bumbling idiot..
  • Dear All,

    I am sure this will raise some hackles but that never stopped me before. :)
    I do believe that Vanthiyathevan, as portrayed by Kalki in PS is one of the
    less "heroic" heros that I have read in any book. He is more like a bumbling
    fool, albeit a very lucky one. He mostly has others come and bail him out of
    difficulties. Time and again, he stumbles across things and events more or
    less catch up to him rather than his shaping things. Maybe Kalki wanted to
    portray exactly that.. that he was like a leaf caught in the Chola
    war-of-succession maelstrom but that's what it looks like to me.


  • Hi,

    May I know your favorite hero from other book you have mentioned? I will
    comment about this after your
  • Hi Siva,

    There are lots.. if you look at historical novels in english..

    well "The count of monte christo" is one.. another would be D'Artagnan from
    the Three Musketeers"..
    there are instances were luck plays a part but they also create their own
    luck sometimes through their daring and bravado...

  • Hi Arun,

    I am not sure about Kadal Pura as I always felt it as a boring book to read.
    I finished Three Muskateers. As far as I could see Vanthiyathevan is
    portraitred as
    no less heroic than any of them. Yeah he was lucky, but fortune favours the

    he was brave enough to take a spear meant for another is one instance enough
    for his heroism,
    also, he was a figther and a spy, not a detective to deduce things. really
    his quick wit and
    braveness has brought him the fan following.
  • Hi

    the story span of ps is around 8 months.

    vanthiyathevan has some wholesome experiences in those months.

    his dearest friend has been inviting him to come home for years and
    yet he lands up on a night of the Great conspiracy.

    he falls into quick sand, the palk strait sea, is chased by
    elephants,makes friends and enemies fights with arab pirates is
    wiling to give his life for the love of a girl while another girl out
    of love for him dies in his lap.

    surely not a bumbling idiot.
    anyone with so many experiences would not have a definite plan of

  • Venketesh,

    I didn't say he wasn't heroic. But he wasn't terribly intelligent, the way
    he was portrayed... Most of what happened to him was due to pure luck.. and
    it wasn't because of any superior wit/wisdom/intelligence that he managed..
    That is my point.
  • Dear Arun
    If you are enamoured by Ilaya Pallavan you ll love Ilanchezhian to bits(Yavana Rani) But there is no comparison at all because Kalkis heros are lesser mortals with a quick wit...
    Even Arulmozhivarmar is saved by Women Mandhakini nad then Poonguzhali....thats the greatness of Kalki just because someone is the centre theme charector he cant or doesnt do it all...everybody has weakness and pitfalls

    Vandhiyadevan couldnt swim

    He was valiant and has only lost to superior warriors Arulmozhi though it is due to surprise and poonguzhlais distraction...

    He has resisted all tempataions Mannasai Ponnasai and Porulaasai...

    He was committed in his goals

    its all those which make him a great hero

    secondly its in our mindset that hero always finds a way out and doesnt need anybody else..its his quick wit which gets him out of ravidasan
    its his valaour which saves him from the arabians
    so please dont write him off
  • Hi Sridhar,

    I totally agree with you. Ilaya pallavan and
    Ilanchezian are larger than life portrayal.


    If we belive that a hero deinitely has to do
    everything by himself, then Vandhiyadevan may not be
    the choice.

    He is defnitley lucky but not a bumbling idiot. The
    way the stoy goes, it gives me a feeling that he uses
    his brain and quick wits to overcome any danger. So I
    think he indeed is a hero.
  • Dear Yuva
    Thank you even fortune favours the brave
  • Well I am rereading it now.. (PS I mean).. and started the second book.. so
    Vanthiyathevan goes to Kodikkarai.. meets Poonguzhali... falls into a
    ditch... is rescued by her.. she tells him about people looking for him..
    SHE hides him.. she takes him on her boat.. the idiot jumps off the boat..
    she rescues him... she finds out at Boodhaththeevu about the whereabouts of

    now YOU tell me what particular aspect of his intelligence and verve and wit
    has Vanthiyathevan demonstrated here :)
  • Also, I never said he wasn't brave.. just that if I was Karikalan and I had
    to send someone as my personal envoy.. I would find someone with a LOT more
    "VivEgam" than just muscles and a willingness to fight.

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