Birth Announcement..
  • Just thought I would share with this group that we (my wife and I) have been
    blessed with our second daughter , "Avani". (not AavaNi the month but Avani
    meaning Mother Earth). She was born on the 6th of Dec and both mother and
    daughter are doing well.
  • Well, Congrtas.. Nice name.
  • Dear Arun
    Hearty felicitations on the arrival of Avani
  • hearty congradulations
  • Thanks to all!
  • Hi Arun,
    Congrats and best wishes to avni
  • Thanks!.. enna vadakaththikkaaraa maathiri "Avni"?;)
  • Congrats Arun...nice choice of name.."Avani" does have a very good ring to
    it and sounds beautifully south indian. But somehow Deepa managed to
    westernise that too! ;) ;)
  • Thanks Rahul.. it is actually a Sanskrit word meaning Earth (Sita was known
    as Avani-thanaya-- Child of Mother Earth). Don't know if the die hard Tamils
    will accept that as a South Indian name ;). Bharathi has of course used
    Avani in his Panchaali Sabatham "Haththinaapuram undaam. etc etc.. iv
  • On a related note, is there any dictionary/list (preferably online) that gives the etymology of tamil words (like for example, avani:) ) ?

  • Plenty of links are available for the Sanskrit names with meanings.

    See the following link:

    This link has the meaning for "Avani" as well, in the list of
    Baby-Girl's names under alphabet 'A'.
  • Hi Suganya;
    i looked up the meaning for "Rahul" and it said "Son of Gautama Budha" !! ;)
    So whose name was that before Gautama used it. Sounds like a comedy
    sequence Senthil-Goundamani in "Karakaattukkaaran"! ;) ;) ;)
  • serves you well for being so self centred rahul!!

    "Rahula" means "bond" in Pali and Sanskrit
    (a symbolic meaning for budhas familial ties)

    The earliest recorded use of the word Rahul is found in the Mundaka
    Upanishad, wherein the word is used as a synonym for the moon

    Rahul" is also said to mean Prince . A similarly sounding name of
    French origin is "Raoul" (French form of Ralph), along with the
    Spanish "Raúl". It is a very common name in Europe.

    perhaps it has something to do with rahu kalam( enna rahul??)

  • Thanks for email Mr.Venketesh! interesting reference to rahul kaalam...i was
    born during "ucha katta" rahu kaalam..Jan 25th, sunday 4:30pm!! Uptil i was
    17 my parents dint would always ask me to be careful every sunday 4:30pm, it
    was quite funny..i used to get all my serious wounds only at that time and much for not believing in such things.

    thanks for the meanings though, was always wondering abt that.
  • adengappa!
    enna oru peyar poruththam

    wonder what they would have named you if you had been born in
  • ithu romba over! naana ulari vaangi kattikitten...irukattum,
    irukattum...yennudaya pandiya nadu kanidipaaga ungalai thandikkum!! Yaar
    ange..izhuthu vaarungal ;) ;)
  • Hi Rahul,

    Glad to see that u wanted to know the meaning of ur own name, in that

    But the funniest part is the coincidence with ur name and ur time of
    birth !! :)) Let me not kindle it more, else I may also get punishment
    from PandyaLand.

    Actually, the meaning of Rahul in Sanskrit is "Able and Efficient". I
    think now u must be proud of owning this name :))

    Say "CHEESE" now and be HAPPY !!
  • Thanks "Mrs" Suganya ;) naan pirantha neramum yennudaya peyaram ungalukku
    "funny"ya irukka!!! It is now Mr.Venkatesh's turn in the guillotine next it
    will be yours!! ;)
  • I think u've already punished me by addressing as "Mrs". No guillotine
    can do better than this ! :(
  • Hee hee....sorry folks.......I am like that only (I
    can't spell)

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