History of Ancient Tamilnadu
  • Wow .. this is wonderful news.. you know I have been sick of watching the
    same shows on Egypt and Greece on Discovery all the time.. I have always
    wondered as to how awesome it would be for Indian channels to create
    documentaries like that about our own history and culture. Maybe this is a
    good first attempt. Of course we can't expect the same polish and level of
    expertise as the ones that have been made by Discovery (after all those guys
    have been doing it for a long time) but at least it would be a good start!
  • The MEDIA peoples' dictions sound to be different :

    1. Visual Content
    2. Narrations

    Obviously it is the Visual Content which does incur expenditure. The
    expenditure is expected to be met with by Commercials.
    As of now, the Commercial part is NOT taken in.

    It is the NARRATION part which is supposed to talk of HISTORY. Then is
    it True (picture of) History ? Therefore an AUTHENTIC Monitoring
    system is needed.

    The happier part is: We have some Meida willing to look at such
    proposal and there are kind of system willing to give satisfactory
    projections to the Media ..

    Longer way to go...

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