Periya Pazhavettaraiyar & Nandhini
  • One of the important loophole left unattended in PS is PP (Periya
    Pazhavettaraiyar)'s role in Nandhini's drama as OomaiRani's Aavi in
    front of Sundara Cholar.

    1. Initially, when VD escapes from Nandhini's Palace through an
    under-ground tunnel, he sees Nandhini and PP going to the
    SundaraCholar's Palace.

    2. Vanathi sees Nandhini in SundarCholar's room and him screaming at
    her in a pathetic voice. Also, PP hiding behind a pillar.

    So, I think Kalki would have planned to link PP with Nandhini's
    conspiracy and later he changed his mind as the story proceeded.

    What say friends ?
  • Great point, am realizing that only now.

    * At that point of time, he is actually conspiring againt Karikalan, so it could be assumed he could have be convinced that the drama was related to tha conspiracy.
    * But i don't remember that PP was hiding behind the pillar during the Ghost drama.

    I always used to think PS was the greatest book and Kalki as inhuman. But the discussions at the group seems to prove after all Kalki too is human.
  • -Hi
    vanathi sees this drama once and as usual wants to faint. but doesnt.
    perhaps pp wants to know the root cause of sundara getting scared by
    but when he dies pp is made out to be a martyr. could be a turn around
    kalki thought of later.
  • I think you can see a lot of sothappals in Kalki's proceedings, like Mega Serials.

    "பழ" சீனு
  • No Venketesh...

    Vanathi faints for the first time. She sees both PP and Nandhini
    inside Sundara's room and she faints.

    Only while seeing for the second time, she resists herself from fainting.

    Actually, I am reading PS from the beginning and right now in second
    volume; just crossed this chapter.

    Moreover, in the first volume, Nandhini tells PP that she is not
    interested to let Madhurantaka to rule Chola land instead she wants to
    ascend the throne with PP. (This scene comes just after VD leaves her

    And in the second volume also, when she nurses KandhaMaran, PP tells
    her that her dream of them( PP & Nandhini) ascending the throne would
    come true very soon. After this is when, Vanathi sees them in
    Sundara's room and fainting.

    I am pretty sure that Kalki had different conspiracy plans and
    twisted them later down the line.
  • Hi,

    Nandhini is only using PP for her own ends, and it is to kill Aditya Karikalan(primary goal-nandhini's personal interest) for the Pandya abathuthavis and if so possible to get to overthrow the colas(secondary goal - for panyda spies)

    Her goals can be acheived, if she was able to get PP to dance to her tunes(avar aadinaar!!!)... At first she needs to enable choas to rule in the ruling clan, with too many people vying for the throne, which results in civil war and can lead to massacre, either way many will get killed

    So the plot remains as it is.. Even when Nandhini fakes a ghostly look in sundara's palace, she does not realize what is making him to shiver in her presence.. So she never realizes her birth secret(neither do we also as to who the father is??).
  • Exactly, this is what I am nailing down to.

    Totally, Sundara has fainted 3 times,

    1. On his coronation day, looking at OomaiRani in the crowd.
    2. When kid Arumozhi was saved by OomaiRani in Cauvery river.
    3. During AadithaKarikalan's coronotion as a CrownPrince looking at

    Nandhini doesn't know why Sundara is fainting when he sees her.

    Kalki would have planned that PP would have been interested to know
    the secret behind Sundara's faints. So, he would let Nandhini in
    Sundara's room and wait for him to spill some secrets on his own.
    Nandhini would have also been interested to know the reasons and hence
    would have agreed to give fake ghost effects.

    But, during the course of the story Kalki has completely forgotten or
    changed this thread.
  • Before Karikalan's murder, when VD is talking to Nandini he will mention that
    he has found the real reason for her appearance before Kandhamaran is stabbed is to act as ghost before sundara.

    During coronation she would not have known the fact the Sundara fainted by seeing her, but at the palace she does it deliberately.
  • Dear Sukanya,
    While it is not right to claim that Ponniyin
    Selvan is flawless, given the complexity of the
    plot and the lack of information about the
    assasins of Aaditya Karikaalan, anyone would agree
    that it is not an easy job to make it flawless.
    Remember that the story was written on a weekly basis
    and was not available in full, to be reviewed.

    Also things which appeared inconsistent during
    my first reading, I later realized, were because
    of my lack of attention to the details. Infact I
    had exactly the same question that you have posed
    now. I found out during my second reading that
    this is not inconsistent. To see this refer to
    the 39th Adhyayam of the 4th volume. Here Nandhini
    herself talks about the drama she enacted infront
    of Parantaka So(l)ar which was witnessed by

    During Aadithya Karikaalan's visit to Kadambur
    Pa(l)uvettarayar wants to go to Thanjavur to bring
    Madhurantakan. He doesn't want to leave Nandhini alone
    in the company of 3 youths. So he wants her to come
    with him. But Nandhini wants to stay back as the
    planned time of assasination is fast approaching.
    A dialogue in this context between Nandhini and
    Pa(l)uvettarayar is as follows ....

    [VOLUME 4; ADHYAYAM 39(Vibatthu Varuhirathu).]
    Nandhini: Durga Parameshwari enakku sila apoorva
    sakthihalai alithirukkiraal. Idhu
    thangalukke terium. "Sundara So(l)ar
    ilam vayadhil sthree-hatthi doshatthukku
    ullaanavar enbadhai en mandira sakthiyinal
    arindhaen. Adhai tangalukkum niroopithuk
    [VOLUME 4; ADHYAYAM 39(Vibatthu Varuhirathu).]

    If you read the sentence in quotes it is clear that
    Nandhini allowed Pa(l)uvettarayar to witness the drama
    to prove that she has found the dirty secret of
    Sundara So(l)ar by her power of magic.
  • Anand,

    That's a nice piece of dialogue you had picked. This answers my question.

    Even if Kalki had different plans of this Ghost Drama initially and
    changed his mind later, he has not left the thread unattended.

    Good....I dont how I missed this dialogue...Thanks for the info.


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