Comaprison of Great Female Charecters
  • Hi Sri and Venkatesh,

    How abt Kundavai...

    To justify this point, I can say abt how she was side-lining
    Poonguzhali from Arumozhi. She was afraid that Arulmozhi might get
    impressed by the practical and dynamic Poonguzhali rather than timid
    and shy, Vanathi.

    She must have also thought that Arulmozhi should also not get into the
    same swirl like Aditha Karikalan. AK fell in love with Nandini, a
    non-royal blood which led to lot of confusion.

    She does everything for the betterment of the Royal clan than doing
    justice to everyone's individual feelings. She is so aristocratic and
    made her wishes happen. I dont think she would have ever thought about
    Vandhiyathevan, had him being a non-royal blood.

    Is this nature good or bad ? Or this superiority complex is expected
    out of Kundavai, a born queen....This nature of Kundavai only kindled
    the ego of Nandini to take revenge against her in either way.
  • Hi all

    coming to think of this

    punkuzhali asks vanthiyathevan in book one to remind arul mozhi (
    stationed in lanka)of her. even tells vd that arul mozhi has called
    her samudra kumari once. but kalki doesnt do much of a flash back when
    the incidents with pungkuzhali and arulmozhi are concered.
    or did he and I missed it?

    can somebody elaborate.
  • Hi suganya

    you are not a fan of kundavai are you??????

    frankly speaking her childhood antics are responsible for nandini
    becoming a villi( rather than portrayed asa freedom fighter)

    many of the sitrasars were right when they said a pennatchi was going
    on in thanjai. in her own subtle way kundavai was doing what she
    wanted and steering the cholas towards what she wanted.
  • Dear Venkat
    Poonguzhali meets VD in book 2 and states that when she leaves him in Lankai...but later when Poonguzhali meets AMV he does recall that after she gets upset and runs and VD goes after her and hurts one of the assasins...

    the scene in when AMV leaves for Lanka from Kodikarai he sees her coming in her boat and asks thyagavidanager who she is and he says my daughter and he comments Samudrakumari yo enru enninen...

    he recalls this when they both diasppear in the elephant

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