Imperial Cholas trip in Bangalore
  • Suddenly, everybody started initiating for trips... :)

    What happened to the Bangalore - Imperial Cholas trip planned for Sept

    I guess plastics_chandra and Sriraman sir are joining in this trip on
    Sept 9th.

    Please let me know about this trip. My contact no. is 98867 93618.
  • I never mentioned Pattiveeranpatti anywhere :(

    I said that I am going to my native on Sept 2nd and 3rd.

    So, the trip is planned for Sept 9th. Even, plastics_chandra and
    Sriraman sir agreed for the dates. :))

    Venketesh....yaen naan plan panra dates-le clash aagureenga !! :))
  • Venkatesh

    I can't understand the connection between PVP and Imperial Cholas, y sunganyaa taking all over there?

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