PS Meeting in Bangalore ....Again!!
  • Hi GSK,

    All PS group members in Bangalore met in Forum a year before. Then, me
    and Mr. RajPandyan met once.

    Now, we shall have a meet again..calling the PS members in Bangalore.

    Blore PS makkale,

    Meet pannuvooma marubadiyum..? We shall meet on a Saturday evening.
    Why not the same time when there is a meet in Chennai....

    We can meet tomorrow evening 5th Aug evening 5.30 PM.

    Reply with suggestions for Venue.....
  • > Blore PS makkale,
    > Meet pannuvooma marubadiyum..? We shall meet on a
    > Saturday evening.
    > Why not the same time when there is a meet in
    > Chennai....
    > We can meet tomorrow evening 5th Aug evening 5.30
    > PM.
    > Reply with suggestions for Venue.....
    > Regards
    > Suganya

    Thats fine for me, (I may stay only up to 7 PM) but
    not at forum - the place is too noisey why not at a
    temple - the chola built begur temple off Hosur road?
  • sure, you must be aware of the meenakshi amman temple on bennarghetta
    road... good place to meet serene, recent stone temple which was a surprise
    (for me) - oh, no, doesn't mean am coming ;) just suggesting a place for you
  • Now, I see something interesting.......

    Do any of the PS members in Blore decided to attend the meeting in
    Chennai, like Madan.....

    If so, let us not disturb that programme..We can have it some other
    time...But next long weekend, I am out of station.

    Or, still want to go ahead with tomorrow's plan ?

    RajPandyan, engae pooneenga.......oru reply anuppunga.
  • Suganya,

    This time do not miss to plan for Nandhi hills trip. It is worth
    visiting. Chola inscriptions are little more clear and easy to read.
    And some good sculptures too.

    Regarding the place, Why dont you check up in ASI office in
    bangalore if they have any meeting hall or library. It is a chance
    to meet some epigraphists also.
  • Wonderful idea, Kamal......

    Instead of just a meet, why not a trip to Nandhi Hills ? On the way we
    can have good discussions....It can be a small one day trip.

    Meeting in ASI Office, we need to check out for their permission.
    Initially, we need to get to know them and introduce us....(Language
    problem vera irrukku....though English is there to help!!)

  • oy, oy, am not in Bangalore... am in Chennai...
  • could Dr. Sathyamoorthy help us out here? he is part of so many activities
    that he does. I could talk to him, to get some contacts to help you out in
    ASI. But he is currently out of town, and I will be meeting him only on
    monday/tuesday next week...

    Cool idea on the trip to Nandi hills .... +1
  • Hi Guys/gals,

    I almost missed this meeting.. Whats the location? Meenakshi temple Bannerghatta road?

    Please confirm, my no. is 9986004160. I am interested in participating in this meeting, please do let me know the time and the person to contact for more details
  • Pls Hold On....

    First of all, I dont know who are all from Blore. I assumed Madan is
    from Blore but seems its Nanda, who is here.

    Anyway, let us first finalize the venue, date and agenda. Let us go
    for a trip to Nandi hills on 20th Aug, sunday. We can hire a Tempo or
    Qualis depending on the number of people.

    Now, pls put fwd ur convenience and suggestions. Also, anyone from
    Chennai wants to join on that weekend are also most welcome.
  • Hi Suganya,

    Yep, Madan is from chennai. Lets see we conduct a PS chapter meeting on 20th as you said, I would still prefer to have a meeting before that just to familiarise with everybody else.. 5th at meenakshi temple - bannerghatta road, is good for me..

    Just let me know the time for the meeting tomm, preferably in the evening.
  • Thanks SB sir.

    We need to go on a weekday to meet epigraphists in ASI. I dont know
    how much this wld be comfortable for other PS members here. Let us
    meet once and we can decide on that. And, when we finalize about going
    to ASI I will get back to you for the contact details.

    I dont see anyone responding for tomorrow's meet....apart from Nanda
    and Saravanan sir. May be others feel this as a very short notice.

    What about RajPanyan, Arvind, Jaganathan ? Looking fwd to hear from them.

    My contact number is 98867 93618. Pls contact me for any details.
  • Hi.


    Fine . Who is coordinating? Contact Details ?

    My priorities of Venues

    1. Shri.Nagheswara Swamy Temple, Begur,Bangalore.Kulothunga chola I
    ca 1100-AD
    2. Kolaramma Temple, Kolar, Rajendra I ( ca 1020 AD )

    3. Nandhi Village, Nandheeshwara Temple ( Rajendira I and Krishna III ( Rastrakuda )

    G S Krishnan
  • Hi verey PSG members of bangalore
    are the bangalore PSG members ready for a adventure trip?. They can
    go to Kolar and al places around Kolar like Kendatti Madivala, Arbi
    Kotnur, Sivarapatna ( one centre where the are still some stapathis,
    at least 10years back when i explsored the area)has excellent
    inscriptions of Cholas. Kolaramma temple itself is an interesting
    temple as it is one of the few exclusive temple dedicated to
    Saptamatrikas. Rajaraja did not change the temple in any way as it
    is the presiding deity of the region. The inscriptions are one on
    the way of temple management. The original ancient shrine still has
    the stucco saptamatrika images. The other shrine with stone is under

    About 25 km from Kolar on the Malur-Bangarpet road is small hillock
    called Banahallibetta. There are some extraodinary rock shelters
    right on the top ( large as a cinemahall)with peremnnial water
    spring. Needs local guide as you have to jump few crevices of
    about ??? deep. Once you reach there the experience is so
    exhilerating. When you clime you can do so by the sloping edge of
    the hillock, and you climb down, you do it rihjt through the
    boulders in the dark.

    There is a fantastic neolithic habitation site below with 300 years
    old potsherds strewn around. There is an image of Chola period
    Chamuda in a rockshelter.

    Are you ready? I may come down to Bangalore to help you, if on

    ps sriraman
  • Dear Raman Sir

    Thank u very much for the rare informations ,u have given . If u r with us, we will be very much happy to have a comradeship of a professional Field archaeologist with us besides myself as an Archaeological Chemist. Kindly let us know ur conveneience. We can have a Pana /Nolambha Territory Exploratory Exploration on week End Day.

    Coordination by members solicited

    GS Krishnan
  • Hi Sriraman,
    If the dates are announced in advance, me, from Chennai can also attend the
    Bangalore adventure trip,
  • Hello friends,

    Can we have this trip planned for the Aug 26- Aug27 weekend? my other weekends are packed with back and forth trips to chennai and bangalore.

    It will also give our other friends to plan for the week ahead in time.
  • Dear Mr. Sriraman,

    Thank you very much for the valuable information. Let us plan a nice
    trip to all these places.

    Please let us know, how many of these temples and sites could be cover
    ed in a weekend trip. Let us decide on the iternary first. So, that PS
    members from Chennai also can join us.

    For me also, Aug 26th -27th weekend would be ideal.

    SB Sir, Venketesh,Satish it would be great if you all can make this trip.
  • Dear Mr.Sriraman,
    Thank you for the info , it will be very nice if we can plan &
    make this trip, pls count me also for the trip.
  • Hi everybody at Bangalore

    Please one of you can take up the task of fixing the dates, finding
    out how many are comming, how to move around as I am based at Chennai.

    We can visit Kolar, Avani ( A Nolamba_chola group) and Nandi (not the
    hillock as the temples are located at the village) temples in a day.
    If we leave bit early (730 Am) we ay reach by 730 Pm. We may cover the
    Nandi hillcok also.

    The other adventure part as i entioned ay take another full day. all
    the places i mentioned is within a radious of 80k from Bangalore.

    please infor me a bit early as i have to schedule the programme of me
    and others from chennai
  • Seems 2 days trip with a stay in Bangalore would be an ideal plan...

    How abt 19th and 20th of this month August...(27th being Ganesh
    Chathurthi, many of us would prefer to stay at home).

    Members want to join this trip, please confirm the dates, so that we
    can move forward to book the cab etc.

    The number of members coming from Chennai is also required to arrange
    for accomodation...

    Please respond and let us maintain this momentum to make this trip a
    successful one.
  • dear friends

    coming 26-27 aug will be ideal, the following places are very closely associted with Chola history


    2. Nandhi village and Hills

    3. Magadi

    4.Begur famous Battled field in front of the Temple.


    6.Domlur (Chakkapazha( Jack Fruit ) Nathaswamy Temple )

    7.Mel kotte

    8. Doddamalur -Chennapatna

    9. Malur Patna

    10 Thirumukuda Narashipura.

    Experts and seniors to decide well in advance

  • Sir,

    I have a feeling that planning a one-day trip(with a max of 2 - 3 places) would be ideal as you would get to see and know about things in detail about a particular place or location.

    Planning for too many places in 1 or 2 days might leave us with a shallow experience.

    let me know everyone's opinions and we can plan the trip accordingly.


  • So....we have plenty of places around Banglore to explore with.

    Let us nail down to the list of places which can be covered in one
    day. We shall start on a saturday morning (either 19th or 26th) around
    7.30 am and plan such that we will reach back Bangalore city at 7.00PM.

    We can hire a cab for one day. Let us plan to visit to all the places
    by organising one trip per month. :))

    Coming to list of places for the first trip, my opinion is we shall
    cover places which are located adjacent to each other. I dont know abt
    the location of the places suggested. I know that Kolar is in Madras
    road whereas Nandhi Hills is in Hyderabad road.

    Experts, please finalise the places for an one day trip.
  • Dear Bangalore PSG members

    Kindly confirm individual participation in our Trip cum bangalore meet

    the following places are with in a radius of 75 Km fro Bangalore East and North east.

    1. Kolar

    2.Nandhi Hills

    3. Begur

    This visit is possible in a day very comfortably if a vehicle is hired.

  • Friends,

    Count me in on the 26th of Aug. Kolar and Nandhi hills are in opposite direction. I would suggest to stick to places on one of this direction and likewise Talakadu is on the South-Western direction.

    Mr. Krishnan,

    Talakadu, Chennapatna, Melkote will be in one direction(all towns are within 30kms on both sides of Srirangapatna) , returning time will be slightly at 8pm to 9pm, if we leave bangalore by 7am in the morning.

    Kolar - we will need a seperate day to visit may places from your original list.

    Nandi Hills - same as kolar,as there are lots of hillocks with temples, eg. Devarayanadurga, savanthdurga, etc.
  • We shall go to Nandi Hills and its adjacent villages this time. As
    Kamal pointed out, we have good chola inscriptions there. Let us make
    our visit there.

    As of now, the participants list includes,

    1. Sriraman
    2. SanthanaKrishnan
    3. Madan
    4. Nandakumar
    5. Bhuvaneswari
    6. Chandrasekaran (plastics_chandra)
    7. AP Saravanan
    8. Suganya (myself)
    9. Suganya's mother

    Members who want to join the trip please respond.

    Let the tentative travel date shall be 26th Aug.

    Could you please arrange for a Tempo traveller with good negotiation ?
    :) We shall change the vehicle later if many more people join.

    Suggestions to this plan is welcomed.
  • Dear Friends,
  • Hi,

    You can add my wife to this list. I dont think I am in a position to arrange for a tempo traveller, can some someone take up this responsibility?
  • Dear Bangalore Chapter PSG Members

    Dear Nanda, suganya,chandrasekaran, saravanan and friends

    I also propose the same day for our Trip on 26th Aug.2006 satur day

    As i have many times visited these places alone. I am in a position to suggest the Following Tendative Plan on 26-08-2006

    Dep. Place/Time Arrival place/Time Distance fromBangalore
    Bangalore 07.00hrs Nandhi village 08.30Hrs ~50 km

    Break fast on the BogaNandheeswara Temple Grass Lawns Archaeological site/ Temple Visit.and visit to Nandhi Monolith, Yoganandhieswara Temple
    on nandhi hills. Note Both Middle Chola Temples of Rajendira I Time.
    Lunch either at Nandhi Hills or chikkaballapura .

    Nandhi Hills/chikkaballapura Kolaramma temple 57km South
    east diagonally from chikkaballpr.
    13.30 hrs 15.00Hrs


    Visit to Kolaramma and Someshvara temples both under ASI,bangalore circle

    Kolar Bangalore 18.30Hrs.
    16.30 Hrs

    Good by to all PSG, bangalore Chapter.

    As suggested by Suganya, Intimation to Archaeologist Sriraman,
    logistics during travel have to arranged if all participants including Chennaites confirm well in advance.


    Distance source : Vasans Karnataka Road Atlas.
  • Mr. Krishnan,

    Thank you very much for your detailed planning. Please do let us know the cost so that we can transfer the same to your account ahead in time, to finalize the tempo traveller.

    Do let us know, where we can meet up on the 26th morning.
  • Dear Mr.Nanda

    First Let us get the list of confirmed attendees, Then Give your Details, we can
    go ahead of our Progamme with consent of other participants.

  • Hi Suganya and others,
    Plasticschandra here. Pls count Karthik Amma along with us as she had
    already enrolled herself in remembrance of Karthik. That would be
    befitting his liking and our reverence and respect to him (Karthik)
    who will live with all PS members for ever.
  • Dear GSK sir,

    Thanks for coming up with a good itinerary.
    Please also let us know the ideal place for all of us to gather, on
    26th Aug morning.

    The confirmed attendees at present are,

    1. Sriraman
    2. SanthanaKrishnan
    3. Madan
    4. Abiramalakshmi
    5. Bhuvaneswari
    6. Chandrasekaran (plastics_chandra)
    7. AP Saravanan
    8. Suganya
    9. Suganya's mother
    10. Kalavathy madam (Karthik's Amma)
    11. Nandakumar
    12. Mrs. Nandakumar

    Friends from Chennai can also join us. Please confirm your
    participation for better arrangements.
  • > As of now, the participants list includes,
    > 1. Sriraman
    > 2. SanthanaKrishnan
    > 3. Madan
    > 4. Nandakumar
    > 5. Bhuvaneswari
    > 6. Chandrasekaran (plastics_chandra)
    > 7. AP Saravanan
    > 8. Suganya (myself)
    > 9. Suganya's mother
    > Members who want to join the trip please respond.
    > Let the tentative travel date shall be 26th Aug.
    Dear Suganya,
    I will not be in station (Bangalore) on 26th.

    I will not be able to participate in the tour.
    Sad.. I have to miss this trip...
  • Dear Madam

    Thank u for forwarding the consolidated list of PSG,Bangalore Chapter Members who r interested in our Imperial chola sites Exploration Trip.
    i will enquire reg. TEMPO traveller van rent including driver charges if any for 12 hrs ie., 0700am to 0700 pm on 26-08-2006 and let u Know the Costand exact position possibly by tomorrow 09 pm (mail) . However one has to take the responsibility of collecting Money. Sriraman sir has informed about his absence on 26-05-06 due to their Minister's Visit. Still we can manage.

    Expecting earnest replies of concerned. we have fantastic time ahead.

    with Regards.

    Govindhan Pillai Santhana Krishnan.
  • GSK sir,

    Please drop "madam" while addressing me. I am a small girl still! :))

    Now the attendees list is slightly reduced, but still my grand mother
    also wants to attend this trip.

    Hence, the attendees are,

    1. SanthanaKrishnan
    2. Madan
    3. Abiramalakshmi
    4. Bhuvaneswari
    5. Chandrasekaran (plastics_chandra)
    6. Suganya
    7. Suganya's mother
    8. Suganya's grand-mother
    9. Nandakumar
    10. Mrs. Nandakumar

    We can still go ahead with a tempo-traveller. Money can be collected
    on the spot and paid in the travels office. Else, if some money has to
    be given as advance, then we should do it beforehand.

    I am assuming that the food expenses would be taken care by the
    individuals and the money is collected only for the transportation.

    Let us have a great time on 26th.
  • Hello Suganya

    My Colleaque Mr. Naveen also wants to join us.

    So now we have minimum .No of Participants and i am ready with all Bus routes . I have enquired the Tempo Traveller Van ( Brand New ) for our Trip Possibly with Tamil Driver conversent with Kannada who is our official contracter for transportation. , The Charges are as follows

    Tempo Traveller .Rent Approx., Rs.1950/- @ Rs.7.50 Km -1 + Rs200/- Driver Charges
    For around 250 kms. I have to Confirm the Date with Travels Co. and Place of Pick up and Drop ( One Place ) after receiving the suggestions from Participants.

    So once again all have to Confirm the Date and Commom Point for Pick Up and Drop.

    GS Krishnan.
  • Hello suganya madam,

    Enna vetutingalai listla...

    So sad madam..

    Terumbi Vanthutan entha Jagu....

  • adi pavi...manasatchiye illiya unakku...Dhiwakara, Sankara intha
    kodumaya pathu eppadi ungalala summ irukka mudiyuthu....still a small
    girl-ame...unga oorla smallukku ennama artham....
    moonu kazhutha vayasu aguthu...small girlam small girl....
    unakke koncham overa theriyala suganya...

    Blr members, dont drop just the word 'madam'...madamaye nandi hills
    mela erundhu drop pannidunga...
  • Kodumaa daa, oru 10 days rest mudichuu vanthaa, ennalamm msg. PVP sungnaya retirement vaangee extensionla irrukaa.sunganyaa over paa

    Bangalore trip pooraa makkaalle, pls as satish said drop sunganyaa from hills, i will give a party ( ofcourse on satish/diwa cost)

  • Hi All,

    Is this confirmed that the 26th trip is postponed to the 9th of Sept?
  • Hello Friends,

    There is no news about the planned trip for this weekend, nor the
    postponement to 9th Sept.

    I request all the following members who showed interest in this trip,
    to confirm the dates which they are comfortable with.

    I am suggesting 9th Sept which is a convenient day for me.

    1. Sriraman
    2. SanthanaKrishnan
    3. Madan
    4. Abiramalakshmi
    5. Bhuvaneswari
    6. Chandrasekaran (plastics_chandra)
    7. AP Saravanan
    8. Suganya
    9. Suganya's mother
    10. Kalavathy madam (Karthik's Amma)
    11. Nandakumar
    12. Mrs. Nandakumar
    13. S. Jagannathan
    14. Naveen (GSK's colleague)

    Let us make this trip happen which would be wonderful experience.
  • Hi Suganya,

    I am not in town during that weekend, hence you can count me & my wife out for the trip on the 9th.
  • i am new to this group . pls tell me where are you going

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