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  • Dear All,
    Asusual my mail would be long,this would be an
    "extra" long as I am on job search.(I'll come back to
    the offer given here,by ever friendly Krups)Great to
    see the number of members getting multiplied really
    fast."Power of PS/Tamil keep Tamil" ;)

    Before going into it,
    And one small suggestion before picking up
    "joooooooooooot", is that the compilation of this
    group messages could be edited and given to children
    if members agree it as a wise thing to do.Children are
    the future generation,anything given to them is going
    to reflect on our own "future history" ;)

    As mentioned ealier in one of my mails,Kalki must be
    holding(Oopss yet to read) the Tamils with so much
    attention with his writing and with the natural
    flavour that one who loves Tamil is sure to be
    attracted like a magnet to PS;SS;PK among many other
    Tamil classics.PS will continue to greatly influence
    the future generation.Thanks to this group and all the
    efforts put forth by all members and non members of
    Tamil lovers.

    Sridhar thanks for the link on
    discussion on how advanced
    > tamil education and
    > science is.....check the following link..its very
    > impressive however
    > you need tamil fonts.

    Oopss again,Sorry I ccouldn't read them....

    > As the author says the western world is researching
    > into these
    > aspects

    They have been all the "centuries",not just the last
    few years or decades...But now for a change many
    people openly acknowledges that even if some don't.
    Adding the comments from your mail on the "foreign"
    arrival in Chola's time it may be true,even if one is
    allowed to view in many other views and comes up with
    a different view.
    See more of it here,
    Please apply everything in everything,There is nothing
    which stands in "isolation".This is if anyone thinks
    thats "Bio" and now we live in so called
    knowledge/learning economy and what not???

    but we think it is mundane and have lost the
    > heritage we
    > still talk about.
    As said, The repeated invasions,plundering and later
    on the Social Darwinism that came up questioned the
    local's own belief and faith into doubts.(Added to
    that is "divide and rule",which is continuing in
    various forms...)But it didn't take away all the
    locals.It can NEVER be done.
    "Marathil Eriya Manithan,YeRangi thaan
    veravendum,Rombnaal Angeye Irukka
    Mudiyaathu,Mattumella Romba Usarathukku Ponaal,Kilai
    Odinthu Vidum..... "

    "Root-less rabble rousers" are there,all the time even
    before the so called "Tanglish" generations parent's
    or even Grand Parent's time...But so is those who are
    roooted,firmly to their roots and grounds and leave a
    mark,(we saw/see here in the group toooo apart from
    what we see outside)that would ever and ever reminds
    their future generations....We have many even in our
    time and thats why we see Tamil and it'll have in
    future toooo..

    A small suggestion on PS,Its the "Varaprasadam" for
    those like me who hasn't read it yet and for those
    already read to review everytime if needed.

    It would greatly help users like myself to read
    webpages like, as I can read without downloading
    any fonts...I know it might be under way or
    something,but its just my small suggestion.Hope it'll
    be taken in constructive way to reach PS for people
    who have similar difficulties.Good luck for all
    developments and growth and spread of Tamil.

    But I also as I read,"His most popular form is
    humour".... "His style of writing commands the
    complete attention of the reader who forgets the
    existence of the outside world other than the
    story/article he/she is reading. " explains a lot why
    there was not many comments from the members in a
    way.When one is lost in the words of author's
    excellent way of communicating it to the readers,the
    readers don't realise their "present" environment
    where they live and read.Its excellent skill to make
    such writing.I wonder what would be if "maintaining"
    the same spirit and yet bringing the characters that
    the reader sees today,might have brought more comments
    to "learn from the past".
    Once a writer's most popular form is humour,Its
    "really" a challenge to bring out wonderful historical
    novels.Perhaps not for Kalki, that may be the
    speciality of the author,to bring in different
    perceptions into his writing and take the complete
    attention of the readers and making them lose
    themselves into it,forgetting the worldoutside? even
    if his most popular form is humour.Kalki stands
    tall,like Mahakavi.

    As for an offer,for a job which came from ever
    friendly Krups,Thank you so much.Infact I do look for
    a job,but I am still student(life long student ;)) and
    have to write my thesis.But away from these
    studies,too much has gone in nowww,have to relax
    sometimes....I will surely contact when I as I need
    it,Many thanks for that offer.It was really nice of

    Sridhar,Thank you so much for sharing thoughts on
    Mahatma and Mahakavi.And some additional notes which I
    like to take it and try to input into the thoughts and
    As for "It definitely makes me proud...that tamils are
    in every nook and
    corner.",Think of Kalacharam - Culture in
    English.Makes any sense?????
    It shouldn't be of surprise to you,when you give so
    much of links and keeps us "information rich
    group".When one applies "thought" to information one
    could get "knowledge",I think so???

    As for Thilaxxx Idea of Public library.Excellent.
    I would also just add(yes onnly add),that local Tamils
    in TN,need the input as well....Lets not leave them
    behind....Many eminent members in this group could
    think of that,there are still millions who cann't read
    and write.....yes,there are many who have done great
    contributions and who continue like many members
    here...but the numbers needs more and more and the local level...tooo.

    Thiru Krupashaker avargale,
    Ungalin thamizh pulamaikku ennal
    Eedukodukka mudiyaathu...enna pannrathuuu nammala
    english thaan konjam saralama varum....adjust
    As said,I will contact you as when I need."Appaa
    neenga sollalaam,Unakku appa velai koduthen vena
    ennai,ippo velai illaaaa" :)

    Aanaal oru santhegam,ungal officil enakku mattum thaan
    idam gaali aaa, Illai intha groupil ulla ellarum
    "apply" pannalamaaa?

    Anyway,as said,this is an "EXTRA" looooooooong
    mail.Sorry for taking so of space,and time if members
    managed to read till here...
    I really enjoyed the most being in this group,which
    has been extremely active,even though many could come
    and contribute in better ways than my "mails".

    As once noted,people all live in one's "own" Maya.But
    the greatness is in the common interest of "Tamil"
    through which great Tamils and Non Tamils have
    contributed to the world and continue to do so..lets
    do what one can do even if its small at any level.

    Vazhum Thamizh, Valarum Thamizh, Vellum Thamizh.
    Please Note:All my messages and contents were from my
    own understan

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