• I almost spoiled Ram's reputation single handedly. Please read as *his conviction about the success proved right* instead of *conviction proved right*. Sorry i had an typo.


    Wow...We have come a long way. Even if half of our members are active we are doing a great job. For those of you who have no clue of who i'm--I'm one of those earliest members who joined when Ram started this group. Hats off to Ram. I went back in time to find out how all this started and found a interesting thing. The predecessor to this group was a discussion thread in forum hub. When Ram started this group many replies in that forum were skeptical about it success and Ram was sure about the groups success. Without any doubt his *conviction* proved right. Even with the new group we were trying to do a lot of stuff and going no where. With the help of our members like SPS, Dr.Sridhar, Gokul, Lavanya and lot others (due to lack of space i'm leaving out some names) we now have a direction. Even to this day, i use sonal experience i would say people like me don't post a lot but remain active. I don't post any replies not because of disinterest , because ...Enakku onnumae theriyadhu :-). Even our Krupa seems to slowed down these days. I really hope our group moves to the next level as PSPV and becomes a name to recon with when it comes to dealing with Tamil history and heritage. With distinguished members like SPS sir, i'm sure we will get there. Finally - AAdI 18 VAZHTHUKKAL (Appada... now i'm an active member) Note: In case if someone is wondering about my contribution to this group - Bunch of failed attachment mails to Sathya and spoiling Krupa's career with an OCR. Thanks,Arul Prasad

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