Correction in Vedic Workshop on "Significance of Vedic culture in Dravidian literature"
  • Hello,

    The Dates are 11th August to 13th August and not
    July as mentioned earlier. Sorry for the inconvineance

    With regards,

    Vedic Workshop

    Dates: 11th August 2006 (Friday) to 13th August 2006

    Camp will start on 11th August night and end on 13th
    August (Sunday) evening.

    Web of Life Makers (Webolim) is an organisation which
    spreads the Vedic values in everyday life.To demystify
    Vedas and Ramayana, lectures, camps, workshops,
    classes, demonstrations are conducted in various

    Recent camps conducted were in Karimnagar (Nov 4th to
    Nov 6th), Madurai (27th Jan to 29th Jan) and Bangalore
    (June 2nd to June 4th). These camps had participants
    from various cities like Hyderabad, Jaipur and
    Bangalore etc. On continuing this endeavor, we are
    planning the next camp in Chennai.

    No prior knowledge of Sanskrit, Vedas are required for
    the participants. The lectures will be in English. The
    camp is open for all. All the camps will have a theme
    based on Vedas. Some of the topics in which Webolim
    has conducted the camps are ��Concept of Social Service
    in Vedas & Ramayana��, ��Life forces in Vedas�� & ��Vedic
    Yoga�� etc

    The theme for this camp is ��Significance of Vedic
    Culture in Ancient Dravidian Literature��. There is a
    general misconception that Dravidian languages &
    culture is against Vedas. Do disprove it and to make
    people understand the practical usage of Vedic culture
    in Dravidian life from time immemorial, this 2 day
    program is being organised. This camp will be
    conducted in English only. We welcome people from all
    over India to utilize this program.

    The schedule is given separately below. The camp will
    be covering the following topics:

    1. Introduction to Vedas
    2. Concept of Dharma
    3. Myth of Aryan Invasion
    4. Vedas & Tamil Sangam Literature
    5. Linguistic Commonalities of Tamil & Sanskrit
    6. Single Culture of the Whole Nation �� in light
    of Ramayana
    7. Asanas, Pranayama & Meditation are also taught
    in this camp

    Resource persons:
    1. Shri R.Rangan is a Vedic scholar and a spiritual
    guide. He is a consultant to Vivekananda Yoga
    University, Bangalore. He has written many books on
    Vedas, Ramayana & Yoga giving their meaning and their
    practicality for the present age. He is the founder
    president of Webolim.

    2. Dr. Ram Mohan is a scholar of Vedas, Vedanta &
    Tamil literature. He is the vice president of Ramana
    Kendra, Chennai and edits the ��Ramanodayam�� journal.
    He is also the Editor �� Advisor of ��Mountain Path��
    journal published from Ramanasramam, Tiruvanamalai. He
    is also a doctorate in Strategic Studies.

    3. Dr T.N. Ramachandran is scholar of Saiva
    Siddhantha, Tamil and English Literature. He was
    awarded the title ��Saiva Siddhantha Kalanidhi�� by His
    Holiness of Dharmapura Adheenam. He has translated
    hundreds of Tamil works to English like Periyapuranam
    (Story of 63 Tamil Saivite saints). He has delivered
    lectures in various places like London, Jaffna
    University and Tamil University in Tanjavur etc.

    4. Dr. Kalyanaraman, Director of Saraswathi Research
    Centre. Former Director of Asian Development Bank and
    former financial advisor to Indian Railways. Scholar
    of great repute, he did pioneering work in
    scientifically proving the Saraswathi River and now
    working for reviving it. He brought out the multi
    lingual comparative dictionary for 25 Indian

    Venue: Exact location in Chennai will be informed

    Stay Arrangements:
    This camp is open for all. It is a residential camp
    for which stay & food arrangements have been done.
    Separate stay facilities for men and women will be
    arranged. Food available for participants will be a
    nutritious non spicy food.

    Prior registration is required for attending this
    camp. You can email to [email protected].
    Please do inform us by July 28th so that we can make
    suitable arrangements. The registration is restricted
    to 60 participants based on first come first served.
    Also if you want to join the group of people starting
    from various cities, do inform us so that we can
    connect you to the people starting from each city.
    There is a charge of Rs. 200/- per head for food

    Donations are welcomed for the camp.

    Tentative Schedule of Chennai Camp

    Theme: ��Significance of Vedic Culture in Ancient
    Dravidian Literature��

    11th August (Friday):

    07.00 PM - 07.15 PM �� Inauguration & lighting of
    the Lamp

    07.15 PM - 08.15 PM �� Introduction to Vedas by
    Smt. Dhrushya

    08.15 PM - 09.00 PM �� Uniqueness of Vedas by
    Shri S.Jaishankar

    09.00 PM �� 09.30 PM �� Dinner

    12th August (Saturday):

    05.00 AM - 06.00 AM - Asanas & Pranayama

    06.00 AM - 07.00 AM - Bath & getting ready

    07.00 AM - 08.30 AM �� Saraswati Homa

    08.30 AM - 09.00 AM - Breakfast

    09.00 AM - 10.30 AM �� Concept of Dharma

    10.30 AM - 11.30 AM �� Vedic Chanting & Learning

    11.30 AM �� 01.00 PM �� Lecture on ��Myth of Aryan
    Invasion�� by Dr. Kalyanaraman

    01.00 PM - 02.30 PM - Lunch

    02.30 PM - 03.30 PM - Presentation of Skills by

    03.30 PM - 05.00 PM - Life Craft (tips from Epics)

    05.00 PM - 06.00 PM - Break

    06.00 PM - 06.30 PM �� Meditation

    06.30 PM �� 08.00 PM �� Lecture on ��Single Culture
    of the Whole Nation �� in the light of Ramayana��
    by Shri Ranganji

    08.00 PM - 08.45 PM �� Dinner

    08.45 PM �� 09.45 PM �� Classical Dance Program

    13th August (Sunday):

    05.00 AM - 06.00 AM - Asanas & Pranayama

    06.00 AM - 07.00 AM - Bath & getting ready

    07.00 AM - 08.30 AM - Vedic Chanting & Learning

    08.00 AM - 08.30 AM - Meditation

    08.30 AM - 09.00 AM - Break Fast

    09.00 AM - 10.30 AM - Lecture on ��Linguistic
    Commonalities of Tamil & Sanskrit�� by
    Shri Ranganji

    10.30 AM - 11.30 AM �� Chanting & Learning of

    11.30 AM - 01.00 PM �� Lecture on ��Vedas & Sangam
    Literature�� by Dr T.N. Ramachandran

    01.00 PM - 02.30 PM - Lunch

    02.30 PM - 04.00 PM �� Lecture on ��Modern Tamil &
    Vedas�� by Shri Ranganji

    04.00 PM - 05.00 PM �� Concluding Talk by
    Dr Ram Mohan

    05.00 PM - 05.15 PM �� Closing Ceremony

    (Camp Ends)

    Skills: We request the participants to come prepared
    with some skill like songs, dance, instrument playing,
    mono acting, skit, painting, etc.
  • Dear Keerthivasan,

    I have noted the contents.

    Can you arrange the same in Visakhapatnam in near future? I can arrange other logistic facilities at Vizag under our Tamil Sangham. We have earlier invited the scholar Dr. T.N.Ramachandran and he gave lecture in our banner. You can talk to him too.

    I can also utilise this opportunity to invite the learned members of PS group to Vizag and keep one session particularly for Rajarajeswaram.

    We have recently constructed a beutiful Mantap at Vizag, named after Mahakavi Bharati where as many as fifty people can stay.

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