Ask;Don't Assume.
  • Dear All Members and Learned Members here,
    I hope the members,the wast majority here would
    "think" and continue in sincere efforts to discuss
    openly,instead of assuming on trivial matters.

    Its not enough to use "Ask,Don't Assume" or using
    Einstein's advice to student's "Important thing is not
    to stop questioning".We must atleast make an attempt
    in applying them.Rather than "assuming" or stopping in
    the bud like few school teachers "Don't look into the
    book,Don't ask that,U will learn later,Don't
    enquire,Do it.I tell you,Do it".

    I really didn't like typing this mail for the "first"
    time here to the members,but few mails I received even
    after the reply mail to Sridhar makes me to feel sad
    over few member's comments.Members might notice there
    was an earlier mail without any comments,that was by
    mistake I pressed the send button...Intha
    Maathiriyanaa Oru Mail Ivvalavu Padicha Janangalukku
    Mail Pannanumaa appodeennu kulappam....You may believe
    it or not.
    But to give respect to all,I have to speak(but it will
    not continue).I give full and due respect to all
    here,but if people wants to wear different glasses I
    am sorry I don't know whats your "viewing problems
    are".And thats not my business here to explain each
    and every word..or to browse all the messages..
    But I remind there is a word called
    Double-Standard,even here the word meaning is one,but
    if someone wants to take away "-" then it gives two

    I understand that out of now, there are 245 members in
    this really happy and active group.
    I am not going to take any pains in going through the
    archieves.Few believe that sooo...when I refered the
    "left thigh" and "many wives" I was refering it to the
    quite recent maybe within a week's some photos link,
    that was provided with these words that was not
    something I like to discuss in "THIS" learned and
    cultured members.

    "Beauty lies in its beholder",Its not just beauty but
    "everything". Thats why people say "Attitude is
    everything in life".
    I am not going to give more than what I explained
    already on "Kumbalodu Kovinda" or "Tanglish" or "Vs
    and Ms" or whatever that pops these days as even after
    my reply to Sridhar's question on appreciating trivia
    or asking my suggestion.
    Thats not what I am here for....Very much in lines as
    I will not be away from Computers soon,I think I would
    like to remind the first mail I sent...

    "Happy to be here and learn and share.Just a small
    suggestion,How can Ponniyin Selvan bemade more popular
    among the younger generations?I missed it when I was
    young,so thats one reason why Ifeel that it should be
    made more popular."

    And in reply to Sridhar's question or suggestion very
    recent mail,yesterday the 10th April,

    "Even if there are many answers,oneidea is of "BRIGING
    IN AS MANY AS SCHOOL CHILDREN" inthe maximum number"

    Reason for asking "Vs and Ms" was I felt the Children
    focus should be there.. and so is the villages and
    rural Tamils who are not in position to browse,forget
    if they can ever Read or Write.
    My concern,related to this idea,

    (Please note:I am not preaching,but I wish that
    learned members here share their research findings if
    they wish with paper publications,journal conferences
    or written articles in magazines or similar ones)

    Also its natural for everyone to ask what is this
    group's interest as Arul had asked.

    I don't want to go more detail into this issue which I
    think is of no interest for the majority of this
    I also wanted to make everyone to speak and air their
    As for "Dr",
    Again you may wear any glasses and see from wherever
    you stand(remember there are infinite number of points
    to view and infinite number of glasses to use),to see
    what I reffered.My intension was not as what few were
    assuming.It was infact replied in reply to Sridhar's
    link of Sangam Education.

    Here again,
    "a study of this society shows that education was
    notformalized or institutionalized" is something
    verygreat to read...bcos today we see
    "socialDarwinismmmss" too much hitting on almost all
    societyin world....I could understand why Sangam
    Tamils excelled.

    To be simpler than the words above says,I take this
    not because of one person's view,but it made a call on
    "Dr" qualified people whether it was white coat doctor
    or not.
    In those Chola's time or Sangam Tamil period, we come
    to know they possesed excellent knowledge in many
    fields...but was there any "institutions" or
    "formalised" education given?to call some one as
    "Dr.Valluvar" or "Dr.Avvaiyar" or "Dr.Kambar" or even
    "Dr.Bharathy" or you may name in ANY other fields as
    you may like.

    The idea of giving "Dr" qualification is a recent one.
    If anyone knows what is Social Darwinism is all about
    then they can understand what I meant.I give and
    salute all due respects for all the qualified persons
    with ANY "Dr".

    I want to remind you all(learn and share what I learnt
    and to share),
    something that I came across,
    "If stealing from one person is plagearism" then
    "stealing from many is research".
    "Just bcos one cann't proove Dinnasours didn't
    dance,one can say Dinnasours danced".
    Something like the man in moon.

    members are welcome to do internet search to know all
    these meanings and more...I thought I can learn,I am
    not interested in preaching,but in sharing what I
    learnt.If that stands as a way in their "Vs and Ms".

    By the way,before asking my definition on "vital
    information" I wonder whats the definition that was
    given when it was typed?For me as mentioned its
    infinite answers and thats the reason for me to
    ask,what it meant to the group?

    By sending some links to other groups I wonder what it
    meant?I can be silenced,but Tamil will take care of
    itself,and mainly by this group's sincere Tamil lovers
    to whose contribution mine is "kaal-kaasu praYojanam"
    measuring in physical or research levels.With humble
    respects to all who contribute,Good luck for further

    One last final saying,
    "Wiseman showed his finger to the moon,the fool looked
    at his finger"..

    Best Wishes as Always,
    I do agree to the comment if one goes too fast,one may
    not enjoy.

    Nothing will benefit human health or increase the chances for survival of life on earth as the evolution to a vegetarian diet-A.Einstein.
  • Dear Madhav
    Sorry I missed your 10th april mail.Must have deleted without reading
    it...The newscientist veiwpoint was very good.Bravo!!!

    All the govt schools in tamilnadu have the literary works...atleast
    PS SS A good few sandilyans books....Infact I have read a few of them
    when my Mother was working as a teacher..

    Just after the Sun TV interveiw and kalki article this group has just
    doubled there are loads who have started to read..That something isnt

    It is always nice to take things in a good note....I did visit quite
    a lot of your links and so I dids with the linx on Tamil groups and
    cultures....It was just directing you to something which discusses
    similar issues.....

    Yes there are 245 members and it is ardous task for Ram to delete all
    of them on a regular basis that is why Gokul had consolidated them I
    ve done some So someone coming in will be able to just browse it.


    Your thoughts and ideas are nice....Unless you ask nothing
    happens...If a research associate in virginia didnt think of this we
    wouldnt be netmeeting and chatting....

    It definitely makes me proud...that tamils are in every nook and

    There is a time and place for everything...there is no point in
    critisizing what others do....

    Each one reacts differently to different things.....I have searched
    and read so many references after reading a novel...just fiction but
    still it tells you something and if you are enriched after that the
    author has acheived it.

    Dont take things to heart...Keep on doing the good work without
    hurting others sentiments...

    I admire the same people as you I think in a different time and age
    gandhi would have been a founder of a religeon...I love Bharathi..I
    admired Abdul Kalam till he became a politician..If he truely
    excercises the presidential powers then He ll regain my respect(Aama
    naan madhikathahu than ippa mukkiyam)I admired is vision for India
    but time has to tell if it ll be a reality.

    Each person has a passion we cannot impose ours on them.

    Everybody sees things and asks why
    I dream of things that were never there and ask why not
    ( Its not original but cannot remember the author)
    Hope you understand


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