• Since we had a discussion on Kannagi, there was a related article on
    Kannagi in today's hindu.


    I was able to track this guy Eric Miller's website and he has an
    article on his walk tracing the travel of Kannagi/Kovalan from
    Poompuhar to Madurai to the western mountains. Interesting read.


    Muthu Prakash R
  • Hi all

    the ps group is indeed ahead of its times.
    what discussions we had on kannagi is going on in the columns of most
    news papers now.

    Many distasteful events did take place however like burning of ananda
    vikadan copies because writer gnani had compared the politicians
    affinity to the statue as a teddy bear affinity in old age.
    all said and done kannagi never ceases to be a contrevery even today.
  • Dear Muthuprakash
    thanks for such a lovely link
    I admire Silambu for a variety of reasons
    It was a time when Traders brought glory to tamilnadu they were more rich than kings it is said in puhar kandam and in madhurai again Kannagis Anklets are more precious than the queen

    Yano arasan Yane Kalvan thats magnanimity thats what a ruler should be...

    its sad the later half of the message is true aswell as the HIV incidence is so high in madras and most are housewifes and middleclass women who have ben victims of their husbands misadventures

    today the TB sanatorium in tambaram is largely housing only HIV patients



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