Thadagapureerswarar in Tiruvannamalai district
  • Hi Friends,

    In Jaya TV morning news, there is a "sub-news" called
    "kalachuvadugal". Today morning, there was a temple and a
    drinking-water pond in Tiruvannamalai district was shown.

    It is built by Kulothunga Chola -I about 900 years ago. Seems a linga
    was excavated while digging the land for the pond and hence a temple
    was constructed with that linga. The God is named as
    "Thadagapureeswarar" as the lingam was found in the process of digging
    the pond.

    The temple was shown and it was magnificent and awesome, unfortunately
    with poor maintenance. But, the pond is in good condition with sweet
    water. The location is common to three villages/towns called
    Peramanallur, Madam and Anithiyur.

    The hightlight of this temple is, to our interest, there are lot of
    kalvettus in that temple and they were also shown.

    Anybody from Trivannamalai district, can say more information on this

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