Grama Devatas :: Kannagi and Kodungollur Bhagavati - Siruvachur Madurakali
  • Allright.. so what part of this is fact and what is fiction?:-)
  • Well! A good point! :o)

    Like many countries, there requires "some" importance and acceptance
    to Oral history, if not challenged with proofs.

    Personally, I feel what people knew about something, may not be 100%
    incorrect. Any information on this temple from anyone?


    Long time since I spoke to you, are in Japan or Singai?
  • some info on kannagi

    six months ago on the trichy madurai road very close to madurai
    i happened to walk into the fields say some 200 feet from the busy
    high way.
    the man who took me pointed out to many ancient stone lined wells all
    in one line and well spaced and said this was the ancient route.
    he also added that this was the route kannagi and kovalan took from
    also thirukadaiyur is the hometown of madhavi. next to the famous
    hotel sadabishekam is a large pond called madhavi kuttai.

    I guess people have very long memories for silapadikaram preceded the
    history on which this group is concentrating by many centuries.

    but personally I have a very radical view on kannagi which many cannot
    subscribe to. she could not correct her wayward husband but takes it
    upon to burn a city just because it is ruled by an inefficient ruler.
  • Venkat,

    I beg to differ on the ruler.

    The ruler was one of the best of rulers, and he was
    called 'Aariyapadai Kadantha Nedunchezian'. He drove the Arya's and
    inflicted crushing defeat on them.

    Moreover, the way he and his wife repenats for commiting this
    blunder is also stunning. 'Yano arasan? yaane Kalvan'

    So, personally, I feel, this was his bad time to have taken this
    deceisions. But, Tamil kings stood majestic even in accepting a

    Rajendhra Cholan!
  • I agree with you. In my opinion, what Kanangi did was not just
    barbaric but it was completely unjust and uncalled for!
  • At this time of typing, I'm at Madurai ( my native
    place ) Surprised with this finding.. Do you recollect
    his place? I can go there and see it tomorrow..
  • Hi

    sorry I dont remember too much. I just remember there were hills on
    the north on the plot.

    and the road was leading to the north of madurai( could be melur road
    or the other one)
    and these wells were in the east of the busy highway.

    there was co incidentally a grama devatahai temple there.

    shall let you know if I remember more.
  • Well said!!


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