Is Perunarkilli performed Rajasuya
  • Hi friends

    The below mentioned inscription says that Perunarkilli performed Rajasuya sacrifice, any thoughts? any other Chola king performed?

    No. 21.
    (A.R. No. 143 of 1928.)
    Tiruppalanam, Tanjore Taluk, Tanjore District.
    On the north wall of the central shrine, Apatsahayesvara temple.
    This records a gift of 30 kalanju of gold for a perpetual lamp in the temple of Mahadeva at Tiruppalanam, a devadana in Mirai-kurram, by Solaperumanadigal Perunerkillich-Chola. The donor is evidently identical with king Rajakesarivarman himself who was called so after his great ancestor Perunarkilli of Sangam fame who performed the Rajasuya sacrifice. The same surname is found for the donor in No. 15 above from Tiruvenkada, which is also dated in the 2nd year of Rajakesarivarman.
  • Yes, infact he is called 'Raajasuya Vetta Pernarkilli'.


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