Have there been efforts to dig around Periya Kovil?
  • Dear All,

    Greetings from Japan. We moved here from Singapore recently.. so things have
    been in a state of flux and it explains my prolonged silence. Hopefully I
    can be a little more active (whether that is good or bad is for individuals
    to decide :)).

    Anyway, one question that has always bugged me whenever I have visited
    Periya Kovil is the state of the moat surrounding it. One can clearly see
    the walls of the old fort.. so why hasn:t ASI cleaned up the moat and the
    surrounding areas? I am sure there must be archaeological treasures waiting
    to be unearthed there! Whenever I see the surrounding areas, I almost always
    imagine a secret tunnel or something leading in and out of the fort, such as
    the one used by Vanthiyathevan in the story. Any reasons why this hasn:t
    been done? Lack of money? Interest?
  • Dear SPS and All,

    Iniya Puththaandu VaazhthukkaL. Hope this year is even better for the
    archaeologists than the previous year was.
  • Dear All

    i guess a part of the moat around tanjore temple is a natural stream

    but I guess we musnt dig too much for a popular legend goes to say the
    periya koil was built over another temple- the thalikulaththaar
    aalayam( mentioned by appar)
    though members remind me there have been grants issued for the
    thalikulaththaar alayam long after the big temple was uilt.

    talking about archeology the gkc temple must also have a balocny
    around and above the lingam. any news on that( the gkc seems to be a
    more completed temple than tanjore)

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