Full details of the Camp on Vedas
  • Dear Members of Ponniyinselvan,

    Camp on Vedic Yoga
    (Yoga in Vedic Literature)

    Dates: 3rd June (Friday) to 5th June (Sunday)

    Camp will start on 3rd June night (around 8 pm) and
    end on 5th June (Sunday) evening.

    Web of Life Makers (Webolim) is an organisation which
    spreads the Vedic values in everyday life. To
    demystify Vedas and Ramayana, lectures, camps,
    workshops, classes, demonstrations are conducted in
    various places. It has conducted lectures / workshops
    on Vedas & Ramayana in Hyderabad (29th Feb 05),
    Karimnagar (July 10th) and in Chennai there was a 6
    hour workshop on Vedas on July 25th.

    Webolim also conducts residential camps on Vedas &
    Ramayana. Recent ones have been the camps in Chennai
    (July 30th & 31st), Karimnagar (Nov 4th to Nov 6th)
    and Madurai (27th Jan to 29th Jan). These camps had
    participants from various cities like Hyderabad,
    Jaipur, and Bangalore etc. No prior knowledge of
    Sanskrit, Vedas are required for the participants. The
    lectures will be in English. The camp is open for all.
    Some of the topics in which Webolim has conducted the
    camps are ����Service in Vedas & Ramayana�� & ��Life
    forces in Vedas��.

    All other details like stay arrangements, resource
    persons, schedule & registration are given in the word

    With regards,

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