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  • Pals Tamil e-Dictionary

    English - English - Tamil

    Pals e-Dictionary is an English-English-Tamil Dictionary

    This Dictionary has around 22,000 main words and over 35,000 derived words. Meanings for each of these words have been given first in English followed by its Tamil meaning. All commonly used phrases along with their meanings both in English and Tamil have been included under each appropriate word. The Dictionary also contains some useful information like Abbreviations, Irregular Verbs, Degrees of Comparison and Greek Alphabets.

    This e-Dictionary includes a Browsing application and a Search Application.

    The Browsing application allows one to browse the dictionary page by page just like a dictionary in book form. The pages are indexed on the first two letters. While browsing the dictionary one can also listen to some pleasing flute recitals by Flute Maestro Shashank

    The Search Application allows the user to quickly obtain the meaning of a particular word. The search word could be in English or Tamil. It also has an extended search facility which, when used judiciously, gives all synonyms for a particular word. All the words in the displayed text are hyper-linked. One can just click on any word and obtain its meaning.

    The new Tamil99 keyboard and TAM font encoding standard approved by the Tamil Nadu Government has been adopted for Tamil.


    OpenOffice.org1.1.4 (Tamil BharateeyaOO)


    Olai - A Tamil Editor with Spell Checker

    Min olai version 1.0 ("o" in olai is pronounced as "o" in "open"), is a simple Tamil editor developed by AU-KBC Research Centre, Chennai. Based on Java, the editor allows a user to type in Tamil and provides all the options for basic editing apart from the additional feature of Tamil spell checking.
    The spell checker uses the Tamil morphological analyser as a building block and also has another sophisticated strategy for spell checking using frequent words and employs edit distance approach for generating and ranking alternate words for mis-spelt words.


    PonVizhi Tamil OCR

    PonVizhi can be installed in many versions of Windows starting from Windows 95.
    Scanning has to be done from outside, and the stored BMP files have to
    used for recognition.


    Tamil Browser

    This is FireFox language pack for windows.

    http://www.ildc.in/GIST/C-DAC/FireFox/Windows/Firefox Setup 1.0.2.exe

    Tamil E-mail client(Columba)


    Ok all these software needs Java runtime and GIST_TMOTChanakya font
    thay can be download from


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