Maruthunayagam or Maduranayagam..
  • Ok folks, I am a bit confused. I thought the discussion was on Yousuf Khan
    alias Maduranayagam. Then someone replaced that with Maruthunayagam. I
    thought they were different people. Weren't there two Maruthu brotherS? If
    so, can someone please post a brief history about them? Blame it on my
    non-Southern education, but I have absolutely no clue as to who they were.
  • yusuf khan alias khan sahib was the man who was the nawabs agent in
    madurai. on the british and the nawab not renewing his lease he
    reblled and was killed by them
    the remarkable thing about him was that he resisted for a time which
    was much beyond his cababilities.

    marudu sakodarars were a little later I suppose. 2 brothers in
    sivakakga samathanam who conquered a lot of territory belonging to
    the nawab of arct. fought the britisha nd were hanged.
    thay were known for their thiruppani to kalayar koil and kundrakudi.
    their stautues and samadhis are in kalayar koil.
  • Thanks Venketesh. I couldn't find any info on the Maruthu brothers on the
    web. Are there any sites that tell their story in detail?

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