How did Tamil live longer????
  • Dear All,
    What was the means and ways of enriching Tamil
    during Chola period,which enable us to talk of Tamil
    as great language even after thousand years? Are we
    doing our contributions?I look forward to comments on
    this issues more with interests of Tamil and more.We
    need to learn from each other,I hope it would be
    possible in this learned members.

    I feel proud and happy to read Tamil in Internet and
    proud to call Tamil is living for Internet and I am
    sure it'll live for longer and longer,because the
    power of Tamil is simply great.We know that,we agreed
    on it,Kalki's words and anyother Tamil lovers words
    and works can SHINE MOST BRILLIANTLY in Tamil,only
    then it attracts Tamils to discuss and to talk.We are
    firmly rooted to the ground.We like other languages
    through which we contribute to Tamil,Yes Tamil as
    Tamil,not Tanglish.

    We need to "think",if calling Tamil films, as
    "Gentleman","Love today","Criminal",etc is a sign of
    any shortage of Tamil words for our "super grown"
    intelligence with Tamil???If it did grown and if there
    is a shortage,then we need to get NEW Tamil
    words,instead of borrowing words from other
    languages...Atleast thats my opinion,which I learnt
    from Mahatma,Mahakavi and the current President only
    to name a few list.

    > We all have concerns about the changes our language
    > has undergone...but look at it this way how many
    > nations and cults have dissappeared in foreign
    > invasions...and colonisation.

    This concern is one reason(of the many reasons as
    earlier pointed) to think of maintaining
    Tamil and growing it,developing it,enriching it for
    ever and ever.

    > Where is the aborigine heritage in australia , the
    > native american heritage in USA or the Incas and
    > Aztecs....even examples are found in parts of
    > africa...the egyptian heritage has given way to
    > arabic...sane with the persian and mesopotomian...
    > But look at tamil still going strong inspite of
    > christian,moslem,english influences it has outlived
    > all other classical languages

    Why did it outlive?If we think our(this generation)
    short contribution for what some may call it as
    evolution by Tanglish is "defintely not" the reason
    for its
    survial,when one is comparing it with Mayas of Mexico
    or any other civilizations.Infact this has only opened
    the door,once again for Tamils to question the
    development and its current position so that at all
    time people could say,"Kal thondra man thonra...mootha
    mozhi - tamil".
    If Tamil outlived it was
    because of the great contributions by "enriching it"
    with "great works from literature,arts,etc", and more
    importantly by
    recognising and identifying and appreciating the great
    works and contributions,one which stands as a
    recent(last 50 years or so is definitely a recent
    contribution,when one talks of "thousands" of years)
    contribution of MAMMOTH Size is PS by Great Kalki
    among many other works of many Tamil lovers and
    writers and other different people, which include even
    some non Tamil speakers who came with different
    "missions" but fell in love with Tamil and contrubuted
    for its enrichment.(There are other great contributors
    and I would welcome people to talk on it or to talk on
    how during Chola period, Tamil was developed?)
    But I am not sure,if we call Tanglish or contributed
    to it to call it as Tanglish,we could ever claim
    "paraattu" for the long life of Tamil.
    WHAT HAVE WE DONE,the last few decades for enriching
    Tamil?????"equally among all people in Tamil Nadu and
    other Tamil speakers".In this respect "Tanlish" is
    doesn't make me happy.

    > yes it has changed and evolved thats the nature of
    > all languages..

    Mani's example,is more than enough especially as it
    gave a real world example on Malaysia's case where
    Tamils have to constantly struggle with Chinese,Malays
    apart from others.I don't think I can give a
    better example with clarity for maintaining a language
    "pure"(means as Tamil and not Tanglish) while at the
    same time growing it.

    >even english has evolved with time

    If I understand "English",its nothing more than a
    "collection" of different masala of great
    masalas...from Latin,Greek,French to begin with and
    not to mention Tamil,Sanskrit and other numerous
    contributions....and this is what perhaps we and any
    language lovers need to learn."Grow from other
    language contributions",but not making our language as
    other language.This is nothing more than conversion or
    the "change".

    > you know how many tamil and indian words are
    > part of english language

    As mentioned, Tamil's contribution to English is
    obviously seen in our own discussions as "Tanglish".
    The word "Guru" which is not English but either Tamil
    or Sanskrit, says all on How English is surviving and
    learnt from Guru(either Tamil or Sanskrit,Please
    note:I am not starting on Tamil or Sanskrit
    from this one should learn on language development.

    And I am not the person to believe that "English" was
    contributing to Tamil,but only the other way,when one
    calls "Tanglish".
    Perhaps,I read on Gandhi's,President's opinion how the
    brains were "washed".And had I not explored this
    world,may be I would have been retaining the "washed"
    philosophy and cling with "foreign" language to

    Do we need to develop or contribute to the growth of
    English or Tamil or Tanglish?????
    And we need more contributions from different
    languages,not just English.This was what Mahakavi's
    words when he referred Great works of other languages
    has to be translated to Tamil and from Tamil to
    English."Varapprasadam is English translation of PS
    for those who cann't understand Tamil".Perfet
    example.Thats one
    way,and we need other contributions to Tamil.And thats
    not the way to go by promoting "Tanglish",then by
    3003,if we live,people will not be surprised to speak
    Tamil as another Aztec or whatever one may wants to
    put it...

    > Thats the norm

    Society's create what is norm,Norm is not something
    that comes all of sudden from nowhere.Its another
    evolution taking many many many years,centuries
    depending on the cases...

    > But we have to be proud that we have a heritage and
    > language which is 2500 or maybe 5000 years old
    > sridhar

    Being proud only makes one to think of
    enriching,developing and growing it further towards
    more and more future times......Singing the glory of
    past alone will not help when talking of maintaining
    it forever in future.

    We need more kinds of the work of Ponniyin
    Selvan,Parthibhan Kanavu,Sivakamin Sabhatham or
    whatever that comes to inspire Tamil children.
    We need more Kalkis and other great Tamil
    enrich Tamil as times are
    changing,other wise Tamil becomes Tanglish and later
    only even "Ta" goes off to leave only and add only

    Well thats not what I call,evolution.If people believe
    man's evolution from monkey,then I wish and dream of
    Tamil from 10xxxx thousands of words to 1000xxxx and
    to continue further.If Tamils depend on foreign,I feel
    pity...just want to remind,we are in discussion of
    Ponniyin Selvan.If in this discussion forum if people
    think that way,its only a weakness.And proves the
    points made by Gan
  • Madhav
    enriching tamil can be done in many ways...
    athe very fact that we all are discussing about the greatness of our language for a start.....
    The digitalisation and dissemination of tamil on the net...
    More important teaching the kids at a tender age the greatness of tamil my son can recite baba balcksheep as well as bharathis manadil urudhi vendum...infact he listens to atleast 5-6 songs before going to sleep and he is 1 1/2 years old.
    You had some concerns about QMC....I am not a pessimist but I ll be surprised if the govt pays heed to the students....Not many of you know that the DMK regime took over the SRMC because it was built on Govt land and 2 batches of Govt alloted students were studying there when Jayalalitha decided to hand it back to Udayar...
    the students went on strike against the Govt asking it not to return the college always all the state medical college students came to madras the main SRMC students were arrested and spent 10 days in kidding Even worth The ADMK goondas dispersed the rest of the students who were staying in a kalyana mandapam in north madras by force......thadiyadi and soda bottle and the gops and press kept quite....the college went to udayar
    And yet we re elected her....People should have an attitute change to see what a person will do for the betterment of the people.
    In the west there is such a hue and cry if one person dies due to whatever cause but even if you burn a village people keep quite that is the difference in attitute...
    its for people like Dhanya to write in the press to creat awareness.
    Coming to the greatness of Tamil....and tamilnadu Yes it acheived great glory during the imperial cholas but it was a well sought after place with a rich heritage even during the sangam period...there were regular chines greek roman arab and egyptian traders in all the three tamil ports poompuhar,korkai and thondi.
    I beleive megasthenes has visited madhurai.
    we see historic proof of imperial cholas but the sangam chlas pandyas and cheras were as great if not greater and all we have is literature to support these.
  • Dear all,
    I wanted to write abt. someone calling Mandakini a 'bitch' earlier. Somehow, it slipped out of my mind.As Sridhar pointed, we definitely need to maintain some kind of decorum in the group. I think people who join the group are old enough to know the difference between, decent mail and a mail with a careless usage of words.
    If we still continue to se this kind of language prevailing, I shall do something abt it.(like making the group a moderated one or warning/blocking the members who spoil the harmony.)
    I would like to qoute the latest email by Sridhar as an example. (Sridhar, pls. dont think I'm picking on you, it just happenned to be ur email, even I have done wuch a thingin the past.).He has sent a reply to Mathav's looong email. By not deleting Mathav's mail, the total size of the email has become somewhat large. I requset poeple to keep this in mind when you send replies, so that we wont run out of space.

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