Is a monumental loss underway????
  • Dear All,
    With pain in heart,as I read
    Remembering "Nenchu Porukkuthillaiye Intha Nilai ketta
    Maantharai Ninainthuvittaal", Mahakavi stands tall
    silently witnessing the "NilaiKetta Maantharin
    Nilaiketta Seyal".

    I wonder if there were no monuments,(whether people
    call them as arts for arts or places of worship or
    educational places or mere stones and sands or
    whatever as they want),if there were nothing
    left,would there be any "payanangal" to remember the
    history. I doubt, the changing periods are right
    "under our foot",if we don't realise its like calling
    Mahatma's train incident and being thrown out of train
    as "one should get adjusted to changing times and

    I feel pity myself and the rest....history is being
    silently written .....who knows what will the 3003
    generations would be talking about this
    generation????I sometimes begins to doubt for putting
    the time period of 3003,if human would live upto that
    period after with so much of foooolishness.

    We want to buy the artificial rose flower as it scents
    with artifical fragrance,but the garden rose at home
    is put to the dustbin.

    We are not living in any different changed time
    period,(only the technology of "destruction" carried
    out is different)we are just forgetting or ignoring or
    fooling oursleves that yesterday was history and
    tomorrow is future.

    I wish those historical souls sleeping in sands in
    Marina would ever rise up to the cries of the
    and ever say use our place of sleeping instead.
    I wish those great souls across the road, who inspires
    every one as they pass will ever come to life and
    remind that why were they ever were installed?Was it
    to silently and meakly witness this?Not to mention
    that I read somewhere that one of those inspiring
    woman with a silambu got removed....May be she knew
    this might happen and so she left the place as she
    will not hear the cries of her students....

    I wonder....

    Sorry members I deeply feel sad over reading it.
    What lessons did we learn from PS?If we cann't
    understand the basic challenge that a society faces.

    As I study how Scince and Technology influences
    Society at large,I have to remind,human fooolish and
    short sighted plans may(most of the time) leads to
    self destruction.

    I sincerely wish and hope people learns ....
    I wish if someone here could think of these...

    A society is struggling out there with its identity
    mix as it has a historic identity but an identity that
    was shaped by many century old systems and cuctoms
    which continues and thus is sometimes lost or seems

    May be our so called development/change has taken us
    too far,that we are once again in position to

    I pity,the society like others have "everything" and
    yet "think/act not".

    With sad feelings,

    Nothing will benefit human health or increase the chances for survival of life on earth as the evolution to a vegetarian diet-A.Einstein.

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