True History of India from 1857
  • Hi Friends,

    Last weekend, I was surfing all the TV channels and suddenly came
    across an interesting piece in SUN news channel.

    The news captions used to scroll at the bottom in SUN news channel.
    One such caption was "Kalam calls for true history of India from 1857".

    Is that true ? I watched the SUN news channel for a long time to see
    if any elaborated news on this topic will be said. But it went in
    vein. No detailed news on that.

    Now, to discuss with,

    1. Do anyone know detailed information about this call from AbdulKalam ?
    2. If such mass updation in history is going to happen, what all the
    changes expected in our school history books(restriction is from 1857
    and not beyond that :-) )?
  • I read this in some newspaper article. Apparently, President Kalam made this
    call in Kerala (I forget what he was there for). He said words to the effect
    that our current history is very heavily colored by the invasions and
    conquests over the past 1000 years and that we ought to return to our roots
    (or words to that effect).
  • Indeed a right claim, from where (1857) every event in this sub continent is heavily or wrongly colored by the power center and ( central governance) started riding on two horses at a time.

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