Madurai konda utthama???
  • When I read this, thought I will check this out. And read the
    details on the madras museum plates here.

    here is what it says about the 'Madurai konda' part.

    "The reference to previous kings in the body of the Tamil portion is
    very interesting inasmuch as it enables us to identify king
    Parakesarivarman Uttama-Chola, the 16th year of whose reign is
    quoted twice in II. 11f. and 72 f., with the uncle and immediate
    predecessor of Rajaraja I. These references as stated already are
    the 22nd year of a certain Parakesarivarman (I. 28 f.), the 9th year
    of Vijaya-Kampavarman ( I. 34 f.) and the 18th year of
    Parakesarivarman, `who took Madirai (Madura) and Ilam (Ceylon)' (I.
    96 f.) Vijaya-Kampavaraman has been attributed to the 9th century
    A.D. by Professor Hultzsch, and Parakesarivarman, `who took Madirai
    and Ilam' is Madiraikonda Parantaka I.[5]"

    The museum plates refer to Parantaka I as the 'madurai kondan' and
    he is referred while mentioning th geneology of Uttama.

    Thus someone ought to update Wiki to make chages to this statement.

    Muthu Prakash R
  • Dear SPS
    Very informative analysis
    As always
    Thank you

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