Vazhthukkal! - Einstein's educaiton opinion
  • Dear All,
    As I read on Thilak's reminder on
    The only thing that interferes with my learning is
    my education.
    -Albert Einstein

    I am once again struck with the education times in
    Chola period.What made those Chola Engineers to build
    those huge Dams?Huge Temples?March across thousands of
    kilometers?Build massive ships to become the India's
    first(and may be the only)dynasty to have sea

    I would greatly appreciate inputs connecting,Albert
    Einstein thoughts on education and the Chola's
    In my personnel opinion, we and those who lived in
    Chola's time period are basically same,but our
    learning and education systems have been different.

    I feel the idea of a Gurukul is the most appropriate
    method of learning.But I am not sure if those who
    built the ships,temples,dams,etc ever went for

    Hoping to hear more from learned members here.
  • Madhav

    Coming to our original discussion on how advanced tamil education and
    science is.....check the following link..its very impressive however
    you need tamil fonts.

    As the author says the western world is researching into these
    aspects but we think it is mundane and have lost the heritage we
    still talk about.


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