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Tamil Brahmi Script Part – 1 History of Writing

The opening verse of the holy Kural puts across a thought to think: “As all scripts have the letter ‘A’ for their first, so do the world has the eternal primordial god for its first.”

A, as its first of letters, every speech maintains;
The “Primal Deity” is first through all the world’s domains. ( Kural, 1 )

Why would Thiruvalluvar compare the letter “A” with the primordial god? The answer lies in verse 392 which says,”Letters and numbers are the two eyes of mankind.”

The twain that lore of numbers and of letters give

The Story Of India – BBC – Part 4 – Rajaraja Cholan

The Story of India is a TV series aired on the BBC in August and September 2007. It was shown as part of the BBC series "India & Pakistan 07" marking the 60 years independence of India and Pakistan.

Narrated by historian Michael Wood, the series shows the 10,000-year history of India in six episodes. An accompanying text is available from BBC books.

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The Story Of India – BBC – Part 4 – Rajaraja Cholan.

Chola Dynasty Tree

Are you interested in Chola History and would like to know the their dynasty from the beginning ?

Please click on the link below to download the pdf file which depicts their dynasty from Vijayala Chola to Raja Raja Chola II.

You can also view the dynasty by clicking on the image below without downloading the pdf. You need to have Adobe Flash to view this


This article is based on Swetha ‘s message sent to Group.

Nandhini is a fictional character created by Kalki. There are lot of mysteries around her. One of them is who is her father and lover. Few places Veerapandiyan portrayed as her father and few places as lover.

Aniruddha Brahmarayar

This article is based on Gokul ‘s Facts and Fiction series.

The name Aniruddha is derived from one of the Vyuha manifestations of Lord Vishnu. Altogether there are 4 forms (Vasudeva, Pradyumna, Sankarshana and Aniruddha)[1]

Ravidasan Panchavan Brahmadhirajan

This article is based on Gokul ‘s Facts and Fiction series.

Ravidasan is a real historical character in the novel Ponniyin Selvan. He and his associates are portrayed as Pandiyan Abathudavigal who conspired to kill Sundara Chola’s heirs (Adithya Karikalan & Arumozhi) to revenge Veerapandiyan’s Murder.