Read Ponniyin Selvan using Google Current

screenshot-1324366857281.png Google Currents is a Flipboard like app that lets you read blogs, news websites and other online publications in a magazine format on your mobile phone and tablet devices. The app is available for both Android and iOS platforms.

One big advantage with Google Currents is that you can read your subscriptions offline and it will even download the embedded images for offline access.

You can get Google Currents now from the Android Market and the iTunes Store. This is currently available only for US users.

I have created an editon for Ponniyin Selvan which can be subscribed by searching for “Ponniyin Selvan” and added to your subscription list. It will sync and download the content for reading, it can be read even if you are not online.

Please visit the Ponniyin Selvan Edition to access on your mobile or tablet (Android/iOS)

Please check the screenshots below on how to add Ponniyin Selvan

The following images shown on Android Phone (Google Nexus One)











The following images shown on Android Tablet (HP Touchpad)