Ponniyin Selvan Varalaatru Peravai


This article is based on Swetha ‘s message sent to Group.

Nandhini is a fictional character created by Kalki. There are lot of mysteries around her. One of them is who is her father and lover. Few places Veerapandiyan portrayed as her father and few places as lover.

Most of the evidences are pointing to the fact that Veerapandiyan is her lover[1]

Evidences for Veerapandiyan – Her Lover

Evidences for Veerapandiyan – Her Father

In the conclusion Kalki says “Just before her death, Nandhini reveals her birth secret to Arulmozhi…”. If Kalki felt that the secret has already been revealed through Vanthiyathevan he need not have written these lines at all.

The fact is that Kalki deliberately confused the readers. Thus Kalki very deleberately presents a very consistent picture throughout the Novel that Veerapandiyan is indeed Nandhini’s Lover.

But who might be her father?

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