Ponniyin Selvan Varalaatru Peravai

Ravidasan Panchavan Brahmadhirajan

This article is based on Gokul ‘s Facts and Fiction series.

Ravidasan is a real historical character in the novel Ponniyin Selvan. He and his associates are portrayed as Pandiyan Abathudavigal who conspired to kill Sundara Chola’s heirs (Adithya Karikalan & Arumozhi) to revenge Veerapandiyan’s Murder.

Adithya Karikalan’s Murder is mentioned in the Thiruvalangadu copper plates. These copper plates are quite sentimental in expressing this untimely death of Adithya Karikala[1],

It had an effect on Kalki who very specifically recalls the sentences in the copper plates wrote:Due to his wish to see heavens early, the sun set early and the entire world was surrounded by the darkness called kali

The word sun, in this phrase, represents Adithya. The extreme melancholy that comes out of this poetic phrase fittingly portrays the mood of chola regime at that time.

In the chola temple of Udaiyarkudi (covered in Mudhal Yaathirai), there is a inscription that talks about the punishments given to those involved in crown prince Adithya’s Murder. But, unfortunately, till date there is no other inscription related to this murder.

The inscription talks about wrote:Throgigalana Ravidasanagia Pachavan Brahmadhirajan, his brothers Soman Sambavan etc etc

Though the inscription is very vague in many respects, it still gives room to deduce many things.

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