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Welcome to the world of Ponniyin Selvan. Kalki R.Krishnamoorthi’s magnum opus…one of the greatest historic novels ever written.

If you are interested in tamil History – Chola History in particular and also Ancient Tamil Sangam period to contemporary in general, then you are among the like minded ones !

Join us in taking a walk down the memory lane to the glorious golden days of imperial Cholas. A prosperous period in indian history and heritage. Share your views and enjoy yourself through discussions, debates and meet the scholars.

If your thoughts and passion are more than just admiring tamizh literary work, if you share our thirst in restoring and preserving tamizh language and heritage, please join us.

We have members from all walks of life, including Doctors, Researchers, Writers, Software Engineers, Media persons, retired officials, students and the like, from all over the World in all the age groups.

  • How to join this group?

  • Vasanth

    Is there a complete English translation of the book available online ? If so can someone share the link plz….i am half way through the novel but couldn’t find the rest

    • Ram

      both english and tamil versions are available here. Anyhow i would recommend Tamil version to get the original taste.


      • Radhika Jayaram

        only parts 1 &2 are available for english version..remaining parts are not there.. can u pls tell wer i can find parts 3,4 & 5 online.. i ve tried finding it but i dont get it anywer online

  • Hi how can i become a member of this group. I read ponniyin selvan very lately, but it made me mad and i am now reading and searching details about chola dynasty everyday. I cam across this group. I felt it will be good to be a part of this to know more on chola dynasty.

  • Divya

    Hello all,
    I am a student, doing my masters program in Geography at the University of California. I have taken the topic of ancient indian jewellery, n in particular the Temple Jewellery during the Chola era as the research topic for my Thesis. I need information/ and or leads to reference books that might give me any information at all about gold during the Chola dynasty’s rule. Thanks !

    • Vasanth

      give me your mail id?

  • Karthik

    Is this group active?

  • Ganesh Letchumanan

    Hi… I would like to know some info on palmistry… What does it mean when our palm have “sanggu chakram rekhai” and “trisullam rekhai”? Most palmistry reject it. I would like to know more on this. can advise?

  • Vinoth

    Hello everyone,

    I finished reading PS last week. And want to read the continuation. I came to know about these two books Nandhipurathu Nayaki and Kaviri Maindhan. Which book should I read first? I mean, which book starts immediately after the happenings of PS. Please suggest me.

    Thank you.

    • Divya E

      Read Kaviri Maindhan first, that ill give u the exact continuation of Ponniyin Selvan. And Nandhipurathu Nayagi doesn’t look like the continuation from Ponniyin Selvan, think its a imaginated story..

  • hello all…. in the process of reading and addicted… I’d like to know what was Vanthiyathevan’s age around the time of these happenings in the story.. and why does Wikipedia say that Crown Prince Aditha Karikalan was assassinated under “unclear” circumstances? How did Shri. Kalki come up with his own theory?

    • Abinayaa

      the age of vanthiyathevan was 25 I think, it is mentioned somewhere in the book . wikipedia says that Aditha karikalan was assassinated under unclear circumstances because, when he was killed the lights went off and there are many suspectable people like nandhini were present and no one can tell who killed him

  • Srivatsa Vema


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  • Sri

    have anyone read paranthagan magal?

  • sudha

    cud please tell me when is the next PS meet planned in chennai