Ramayanam before Kamban 73 - Ramankoil
  • We were searching for older Rama temples.  We identified the following:

    1. Madurantagam - By Paarantaga

    2. Thiruvallikeni Ramar sannidhi - Sung by Thirumangai Alwar

    3. Thiruppullani - Darbasayana Ramar- refered by Thirumangai
    4. Cheranmadevi - Ramaswamy temple, built by Rajendra.
    5. Vadamadurai - Rama of Rajendra period.

    We also saw 4 Rama temples mentioned in Inscriptions but lost forever.

    1. Mnaimangalam -Thiruvayothidevar

    2. Uthiramerur - Thiruvayothiprumanadigal

    3. Alangudi - Ragavapperumanadigal

    4. Ammangudi -  Ramadevapperuman

    I am very happy to inform you that -

    There is a Rama temple belonging to Chola period still underworship though it had undergone many changes over time.

    This place is called "Raman Koil"

    This place had a big Rama temple in 1945. ASI had recorded the parts of 2 RRC inscriptions from the roof. They have not published the entire text but only the Gist in ARE 1944-45 ( No 20, 21)

    Period RRC - RY last. Begins with the historical introduction. Records sale of land for providing offering.

    This temple had shrunk and recently renovated.

    according to locals there were another set of equally big Rama moortis kept aside in the temple.During renovation it was advised by pandits to keep them in the pond. Hence they dug a pit and kept them inside the pond. It seems another set of moortis pertaining to  earlier period is also inside the pond.

    Fortunately looks the images of old moortis are available with somebody in the village. I will get them and post.

    Some villagers claim that both the current moorti and the one immersed are of the same period and one set was damaged at the time of making itself. They claim the current moolamoorthi is also very old. To me the current moorti seems to be very late. Vijay, Kathy madam - need help in fixing dates.

    The hanuman moorti was originally outside and kept inside now.

    Request members to tell the period of moola moorti.

    What ever be the period of the moorti, the temple is the continuity of Chola period Ramar temple.

    This village is 1Km away from the Senji panambakkam Railway station in Chennai Arakkonam route. By car - take the Tirupathi highway from Tiruvallore. fore Kadambathur Railway crossing take a right turn for 3 Kms in a mud road.
  • hi Shankar

    first look - the moolavar doesn't appear to be of the such an early date.
    But its very difficult to judge.
  • Thiruvallikeni Ramar sannidhi - Sung by Thirumangai Alwar
  • Dear Sir, There are 5 separate sannidhis in Thiruvallikeni. In that, the renganatha was sung by Mudal Alwar, ( think Bhudhat alwar) The other 4 are separately sung by Thirumangai.

    For Rama-

    பரதனும் தம்பி சத்துருக் கனன்னும்
    இலக்கும னோடுமை திலியும்
    இரவுநன் பகலும் துதிசெய்ய நின்ற
    இராவணாந் தகனையெம் மானை,
    குரவமே கமழும் குளிர்ப்பொழி லூடு
    குயிலொடு மயில்கள்நின் றால,
    இரவியின் கதிர்கள் நுழைதல்செய் தறியாத்
    திருவல்லிக் கேணிக்கண் டேனே

    For Parthasarathi
    அந்தகன் சிறுவ னரசர்த்த மரசற்
    கிளையவ னணியிழை யைச்சென்று,
    எந்தமக் குரிமை செய் எனத் தரியாது
    எம்பெரு மானருள் என்ன,
    சந்தமல் குழலாள் அலக்கண்நூற் றுவர்த்தம்
    பெண்டிரு மெய்திநூ லிழப்ப,
    இந்திரன் சிறுவன் தேர்முன்நின் றானைத்
    திருவல்லிக் கேணிக்கண் டேனே. 2.3.6

    For Narasimha -
    பள்ளியி லோதி வந்ததன் சிறுவன்
    வாயிலோ ராயிர நாமம்,
    ஒள்ளிய வாகிப் போதவாங் கதனுக்
    கொன்றுமோர் பொறுப்பில னாகி,
    பிள்ளையைச் சீறி வெகுண்டுதூண் புடைப்பப்
    பிறையெயிற் றனல்விழிப் பேழ்வாய்,
    தெள்ளிய சிங்க மாகிய தேவைத்
    திருவல்லிக் கேணிக்கண் டேனே

    For Gajendra Varadha
    மீனமர் பொய்கை நாண்மலர் கொய்வான்
    வேட்கையி னோடுசென் றிழிந்த,
    கானமர் வேழம் கையெடுத் தலறக்
    கராவதன் காலினைக் கதுவ,
    ஆனையின் துயரம் தீரப்புள் ளூர்ந்து
    சென்றுநின் றாழிதொட் டானை,
    தேனமர் சோலை மாடமா மயிலைத்
    திருவல்லிக் கேணிக்கண் டேனே
  • Dear Vj,
    As i said - The old temple is lost to time and new modern one has come in it's place, The inscription is lost but forunately recorded. The moola moortis were also changed some times and the old one now safely under the lake.

    But what matters is that - this temple is a continuity of a 1000 year old temple
  • yes, in the series our sourabh made a guest post - i am giving some parts

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