Heritage trip on Saturday October 2nd Gandhi Jayanthi
  • We are planning to go for a heritage trip under the guidance of Shri.S.Ramachandran, our epigraphy teacher to Vridhachalam:

    The town is home to the Palamalai Nadhar (Siva) Temple, Vridhagireeswarar, which is one of the old temples in South India, and the Thiru Kolanjiyappar Temple (Five km from Vriddhachalam), one of the famous temples for Lord Muruga.This Temple was build in 1700.

    Plan to start: 5 Am from Adyar Gate, pick up at Gandhi Mandap - 5:10 AM, Guindy railway station gate: 5.15 AM and Le meridian hotel Gate: 5:18 AM. The van would stop at Le Meridian till 5.20 maximum and then proceed to Chrompet bus stop 5.40 and pick up Ramachandran sir at his house at Hastinapuram. Max.6:00 AM last pick up at the bridge foot opposite to Hindu mission hospital. Those interested should send me an email latest on or before 30th evening to [email protected] confirming name/ contact number/ number of people who would come with you.
    Based on which we need to plan vehicle and food.
  • I was fortunate to be part of this trip.

    Better late than never and something better than nothing - it is said. Though I wanted to write a detailed travelouge, I couldn't, due to other works. Here is gist of the trip.

    First visited Virudhachalam- Virudhagiriswarar temple.
    Salient features
    Lot of inscription from Cholas
    There is a gopuram named after Kandarathiya
    The separate sannidhi for amman has a unique feature - Nandhi in front and not an elephant
    Vinayakas here look little slim (atleast in my opinion)
    The temple is big and relatively well maintained
    There are lot of beautifully carved Natya Karna images gopuram entrance.
    There is a beautiful Gangadeeswarar belonging to Pallava period

    Second we visited Kolanjiappar Temple on way to Pennadam. This is a late period Muruga temple, not interesting from historical point of view.

    Lastly we visited Pennadam - Pralayakaleswarar temple. This is an excellent temple. The salient features are
    Lot of inscriptions - very densely packed on the walls.
    Nandhi looking towards town and showing back to Lord Shiva.
    Dwarapalakas are looking at each other - perpendicular to Lord Shiva's view.
    Very beautiful Pallava period sapthamatha's (two of the missing) brought(may be) from somewhere and preserved here.
    3 pillars bearing Rajendra inscription .
    One of these pillars has later date (1912)incription on the occasion of crowning of British Emperor. This is really a great insult to Rajendra Chola.

    A muslim family has donated generator to this temple.

    Some photographs that I thought this group may be interested are uploaded some photographs in our group folder at

    A small writeup with more photographs are in my blog at

    I could learn a lot from Shri.Ramachandran. I thank Reach Chandra for this excellent arrangements.

  • The Muslim family you mentioned - in textile business.

    In 73 when my grand father - built a temple for Bhuvaneswari in villupuram - Upasana deity of my maternal family - this Pennadam family contributed a lot.

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