sucide of horse sculptor
  • Dear,
    Everybody knows Marlin Mantro statue at chennai. It is very beautiful and excellent horse in which the then British man marlin mantro rides. No doubt it is master piece.
    However I heard one story. After the completion of statue, mandro came and saw the statue along ith sculptor. He is much satisfied and gave one thousands pounds to him.
     The sculptior accepted and his face is not bright after the saw the hourse very minutely along with mantro , Next day he committed sucide.
    Can any body tell the reason for his sucide?
  • the popular version is the stirrup was missed out
    “*Here the language of stone surpasses the language of man*” – Nobel
    laureate, Rabindranath Tagore
  • Dear vijay
    I am unable to follow the link what is the popular version of the story?
  • dear sir

    What i have heard is that - the mistake in the sculpture is that the rider
    doesnt have a stirrup and its supposed to be a grave oversight for which the
    artist paid the price. But not sure if it a myth
  • Yes Dear Vijay,

    You have mentioned exactly what I have heard. However is it a sucide or mruder?.

    I got my own doubt.

    If the sculptorwas allowed to live, he may create another more beautiful horse and the uniqueness of mandro horse may go. Therefore mandro might have arranged for killing him.

    Another aspect is that only the creator could easily identify the mistake. Even in my stories or my novel reading again after some time I foundmistakes of historical or characterization and other types too. Normal readers could not easily find it.

    Kindly dont considerin depth reader like varthini madam,rathnam sridhar sir or yourself of our group. I am telling about causal readers.

    In the same pattern, the mistake might have easily identified by the scultptor. However,

    Commiting succide I could not believe.

    Inever commitsucide for making mistakes inmy novels or in my storeis. I try to rectify if possible in the present stories or novels or at least in the fututre novels. That is why I got my own doubt.

    Is it a murderby that Englishman for maintaining the uniqueness of his horse?

    You may please enlighten me.

    Further any stories or novels of these type i.e. punishingcreator bythemself for the imperfection in the art? Kindly refer our great cm kaligner uliyin oosai also
  • dear sir

    There are many legends about sculptor's mistakes.

    There is one in perur - kanagasabhai - the main hall that house the brone
    natarajar - the pillar to the left of the entrance ( right as you view it)
    is broken. local legend is that the sculptor's son inspected his father's
    work and pointed out that this pillar was a mistake. the father challenged
    him to prove it - he pointed to a spot on the pillar and when it was broken,
    they found a toad inside !!. the father died or cut off his hand for this
    mistake. the pillar was left unrepaired !!

    the same legend i have heard in one hoysala site as well. will pick my brain
    and get u that link

    This is where we heard the story of Jakkanacharya. The master craftsman left
    Kaidala and travelled far and wide and became a sculptor. Meanwhile, his son
    Dankachari grew up without seeing his father, and became a sculptor as well.
    The son soon followed his father’s footsteps and landed in Belur when the
    Chennakesava temple was built.
    Although he was not aware that his father was the sculptor, he pointed out
    a flaw in the idol of Chennakesava deity. Jakkanacharya refused to accept
    that there could be a blemish, and proclaimed that he would cut off his hand
    if a defect was found.
    The priest tells us that a test was conducted and the statue, covered with
    sandal paste, was found to have dried up everywhere except in the navel area
    where a cavity is found.
    A live frog was found inside. Hence, the idol was called ‘Kappe
    Channigaraya’ (Kappe means frog in Kannada). Jakkanacharya cut off his right
    hand, only to find out that the young sculptor was his son.
    The story does not end here as folklore usually has a happy ending. It is
    said that Jakkanacharya got a vision from the Lord, asking him to return to
    Kaidala and build a Chennakesava temple there.
    Both father and son sculpted the idol here and carved the sculptures
    together in the temple, and it is said that his right hand was restored as
    soon as the temple was built.
    Apparently the name was changed to Kaidala after the incident although a
    stone inscription here mentions the name as “Kayadala”.
    “*Here the language of stone surpasses the language of man*” – Nobel
    laureate, Rabindranath Tagore
  • Sir, I think you mean Sir Thomas Munro and not the famous actress Marlin Mantro. As far as I know Chennai doesn't have Marlin Mantro statute.

  • Since you are talking abot suicide-

    In one of my earlier organistaion - many companies participated in a semninar.

    ManyCEOs boasted that they follow japnese system - ( Toyota Production) etc.

    I asked one elderly person personally- is it possible to simply follow the system and achive perfection?

    he replied - It is not enough that they follow the system, they should comit harakiri for their failures. Then only they can ( ie their successors)  boast as " following Japanese system". Otherwise it is just show.

    Japanese and Koreans do that. ( Our Pandiyan Nedunchezhiyan did that)
  • Dear respected KSSN sir,

    You try to tell that any type of mere planning and execution of work is not much criteria for getting perfection. Only dedication leads to perfection. Dedicating their life will always leads to more perfection.

    I heard one more story. I dont know whether it is true or not.

    Everybody knows that shajakhan constructed tajmahal in memory of his wife.

    When the design was completed thearcheticet showed the design to Shajakhan. He appreciated that the design is very good and magnificant. He further added that I not only desired to magnificantstructure, but there should be sorrow in the proposed structure. You design did notindicate the sorrow which is in my inner mind. You modify and bring it again he orderded.

    Thedesinger entire night did not sleep. His wife asked what is the problem.he told the conversation between the King and himself. I am unable to bring the sorrow of our King in the structure. Thenafter takingsome sleeping medicine, he slept in the night.

    Next day his wife died with a note that now youshould understand the sorrow of a man who losthis wife.

    The desiner completely collapsed. He felt thesorrow of the loss of his wife and subsequently he brought the very taj mahal structure which stillwe are enjoying.

    Therefore, for getting perfection in specific any type of creative work, the designer he may be either writer oracrchetict, or painter etc should understood the real feeling, which is only leads to long standing pefectcreativity.
    Dear Ji
    I hope you may agree, You may tell your further opinion dear
  • Good post Mr.Shankar. On reading DR.KAILASAM/vIJAY EXCHANGE my mind ran on same ' Hirakari' custom.

    You followed with 'Kannaki vazakku'. But that was more an exception than a rule unlike the case of Japanesepeople.

  • Btw, its thomas monroe and not marlyn monroe ( how I wish we could
    have her statue !!)

  • Doctor,

    As far as I have learnt, it was neither Shajakhan nor Lover-emperor, but a French architect who was employed by the Emporor

  • Hi,
    This could be just a legend or a local story. Nothing such is mentioned in
    Taj Mahal I did not any feeling of sorrow or sadness. In fact the idea of this
    monument was to visualize heaven on earth, mostly known as Char-Bagh
    architecture style of Mughals. Char-Bagh style boasts of four gardens
    intersecting at a point in the middle. All the four gardens, arranged in a
    square, are separated by a water channel, representing four rivers of the
    heaven, as per Holy Quran. At the intersecting point of the gardens, is
    constructed a platform where God will be sitting on the Judgment Day.
    Now when such an architecture is followed and heaven is visualized on earth,
    where comes the feeling of sadness or sorrow? Human being meeting with the
    Almighty in heaven is considered a moment of ultimate success in all the
    religions. Shah Jahan also thought to build a resting place for his beloved
    wife, I do feel that his intention was not to construct a place where there is
    any place for sorrow.
  • Dear Vijay,

    I knew it was howler. But I had forgotten the chrirtian name 'Thomas'.

    Mean while let us permit Doctor saab to continue his day dreaming of Marylin Manro the famous erstwile darling from Hollywood Who conquered the hearts of millions of americans, besides the heart of John Kennedy.

  • Ok dear,
    They are englishmen or women; not belong to this land;
  • Dear Saurabh Saxena,

    I informed intially it is a hearsay story; but it may be slightly true. On seeing any building by design, color, place etc, you may get various types of feelings. Nowyou just again have relook of the building,

    First thing is it is a tomb; When we go to any tomb, definitely our heart will feel the sorrowness. On seeing the tomb of the heroine of tajmahal, when i visited first time i heavily felt a deep sorrow. Instead of tomb, if shajakhan created any other types of buildings this sorrow would not felt. 

    The secondis the design of doom. Itlooks like eye drops [KANNIR] going to heaven from earth. Other eye drops also you can see by imagining other small tombs. I feel shajakhan designed like this to show his sorrowness to the God.

    The third is place

    I felt the water in the river yamuna is really comes out from the eyes of the Shahjakhan after he lost his wife. He created the structure near yamuna so that his eye tears will go along with yamuna water.

    I saw some reddish water in the yamuna, I feel it is blood of the holy couple.
    If Taj mahal is constructed elsewhere we could not feel this type of sorrow.

    The next will be color of the building;

    You see the color It is light white, which normally indicate non-happiness or samadahanam.Since God taken her life after heavy bottle, shahjakahn makes samadhanam withtears to the God. Hence the color of the buildings is white.
    He did not choose any other color such as blue green etc.

    Even if you see the trees near Taj mahal, they may talk to you, which will tell how they are suffering by seeing the buildings.

    My boss is calling; I could not further explain immediately; now you imagine you may share the sorrow of shajakhan.
  • Dear
    Do you find any sorrow of the shajakhan in modular planning of theTaj Mahal
  • Interestingly i studied silapathigaram - there are many incidents on pandyas way of justice

    1. varthigan story - Varthigan was arrested on false charge ( fortunately only jail sentence) His wife Karthigai had to pray and goddess kotravai closes her temple door. Then Pandya releases him and grants " thiruthangal town" as brammadeyam

    2. Porkai Pandiyan story

    Looks they were closing cases quickly and that continued further. Once caught they delivering justice.

    Compare this with Sibi, manu needhi chozhan.

    ( sorry for the same side goal - as told earlier i am just a border Pandiyan or Pallava Pandya)
  • first Marlin Mantro

    next Jyotika

    intresting (we have discusssed a lot on Kundavai, sembian madevi, vanathi etc etc)
  • yes dear it is thomas mundro. Since I have so much irritation on him as he is instrument for killing sculptor , it is slightly gone wrong. You may go ahead with your views
  • Dear,
    the architect may be french man. Whether his wife died for getting perfection??
  • Dear,
    What to do dear.
    As a writer I have to attract the readers to read my story bymentioning kollywood or hollywood bombs initially.
  • Dear can you equate the PS characters with the present politicians
  • It is Thomas Munroe. Some how Doctor sir has an inert aggression against Thomas Munroe, He had earlier suggested that the sculpture of Thomas Munroe be replaced. Now after having named him as the hollywood siren, holds him responsible for the death of the sculptor.
    Kailasam SIr, avarai vittudunaga, He did what he could for this country.
  • Dear,

    My intentionis to remove Thomas Munro statue from it place. The statuecan be placed elsewhere orremove Munro from the hourse and take him to England.which will make mevery happy. But I will not allow the horse to go elsewhere; horse should be detained here.

    I want to putour hero Rajaraja cholan Statatue in that place.

    JustnamingMunro in my mail may not get any attraction.  That is why i put Marlin. Now every body reading and dreaming.

    Is it not?

    You and Vijay may suggest someway to put Rajaraja Cholan Statue in that place,where Tomos Manro statue is situated, which will really giving homage to the King who belonged to this land and ruled here.
    “*Here the language of stone surpasses the language of man*” – Nobel
    laureate, Rabindranath Tagore

    On Thu, Sep 16, 2010 at 12:17 PM, laxmanan kailasam
  • Thomas - True Indian as any other indian ruler

    we have repeatedly pointed out his service to the country - and to temples before the victorian proclamation

    till date one daily food offering is done to Tirumala lord in his name

    so many colectors/engineers like him -Col Blaze, Hyde ,Peter Pandiyan, Sir Arthur Cotton,Benny Quick.
  • yes sir, I do. Taj is claimed to be built on a hindu temple/ palace
    foundation. Perhaps, we will know more about Tajmahal if ASI allows
    researchers to visit the locked up portions of the building.
    Double sorrow! More poignant!!
  • Hi,

    This is a pretty old theory proposed by Professor P.N. Oak, in which he applied
    to the court to get access of the underground chambers of Taj Mahal, however
    that plea was rejected by the court. He wrote a book on this as well, however my
    personal opinion is that the proofs were not very strong to support such a
    theory. Stephen Knaap also wrote some articles however not very satisfactory on
    historical grounds.
    It is a well known fact that it is tomb and Mumtaj Mahal was brought from her
    original grave to be buried here. However I feel that though the triggering
    point of the monument was to commemorate a tragic event however the idea was not
    to get a feeling of sadness but a feeling of enlightenment when you visit it.
    The gardens, water bodies, cross-air balconies and rooms, a mosque erected
    nearby, inn to accommodate caravans, all these suggests that there were many
    lively activities happening around the complex.
    One more thing, there is no mention of any French architect involved in
    construction, all were Muslim architects procured from Persia and descendants of
    people who came with Babur. One of the architect, Ustad Hamid, visited a tomb in
    Mandu from which shows lots of resemblances to Taj Mahal.

    Hoshand Shah's Tomb -
  • Dear,
    Several years back when I am child, i read an article published in kumudam for several weeks, which states that the Taj Mahal is an Easwaran Temple by stating the length, breath height and all the ahamavidhis were adopted in constructing the temple. I rembembers that in the said essay it is stated that itwas the habit of the Kings during those days putting samadhis in the temple.
    However you see, God Easwaran taken care of burial ground. Did theymake temple as burial ground becasue of this feature of Easwar????

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