bright star in the west
  • Dear Members,

    Whether anyone of you noticed the west side of the sky in the evening  after sunset. There is a bright star. I was wondering what it might be? Searched the net and found it is Venus.

    Please go through this link
  • Hi Vimala,
    Thanks for this info, actually I am thinking to buy a telescope from long time but never getting realised. Should think seriously now :).
  • Dear Madam,

    The brightest star which we see in the sky is Venus and the next brightest
    star you can see is Jupiter. The way to find the difference between star and
    planets is, that the stars twinkle where as planets do not.
  • There are good planetarium software available which we can use to identify the stars and planets. e.g

    They work with most common desktop/laptop PCs. They are Free Software, and comes as part of Linux OS distributions.

    Install them on your laptop, goto mottai-madi and have fun.

  • Raman,

    >>Install them on your laptop, goto mottai-madi and have fun.
    Thats the problem right...where in city or any other big town/city,do you
    get a clear dark sky to view the stars. I remember, spending time in the
    terrace just watching the stars during my school days. But for the past 15
    or so years, could never get to see anything on the sky. LIGHT POLLUTION. No
    chance of getting a clear dark sky unless we goto a remote jungle or the
    power goes of for a long time (even power goes off, these days we have back
    up power, so going to a jungle is the only option :( ).
  • Actually, if you have the patience, and you go up in the middle a dark
    night, you can see at least the planets and the zodiac, and some of the
    other constellations like Orion and Sirius.

    I've taken some OK photographs that way, though I haven't put them up.
  • Shash,
    My point is, 'dark night'...where can you find that in chennai? Maybe if we
    go to, say mahabs and beyond, in a remote place, we can see a dark sky. As I
    said, I remember seeing the constellations during my college days too..but
    not anymore.The reflection from the city lights light up the sky too..
  • A moonless night is generally a little better.

    Emphasis on "little"... ;-)

  • Interested one can thro' this site
  • Lot of people are getting concerned about
    'light pollution'. Try the Australian 'outback' for dark sky. Hawaii's
    'sposed to be good, too.
  • Puzzle! Puzzle! Venus and Mercury are planets, but Venus is called as
    Morning star or evening star! Rahu and Kethu are nodal points, but are
    called 'grahas'!
    The nearest star is the sun and the second more than 4 light years away!

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